Ubisoft Buys FreeStyle Games Studio (GHLive, DJ Hero) from Activsion


Earlier today, Ubisoft announces their acquisition of studio FreeStyleGames and has renamed the studio Ubisoft Leamington. The brief quote form the Ubisoft blog below announced the rename of the studio and their exciting future together.

“Richard will also serve as Managing Director for new members of the Ubisoft family joining from FreeStyleGames, previously an Activision studio, located in Leamington Spa. The FreeStyle team is known for their work on the DJ Hero series and last year’s Guitar Hero Live. The studio will be renamed Ubisoft Leamington and will work in close collaboration with Reflections and Ubisoft’s other International studios to develop AAA games. Of Ubisoft Leamington, Richard said, “we’re thrilled to have their expertise within the group, and the team at Reflections are looking forward to creating great things together!”

We are actually looking forward to see what Ubisoft does to bring fresh and new ideas to any new rhythm game in the future, following their already long-going Just Dance series. Will we see a new and improved DJ Hero in the future?