Weekly BEnama News #164: REFLEC BEAT Information + SDVX, KAC, GITADORA, and more!


This week on Konami’s regular BEMANI Livestream (BEnama), two special guests made an appearance to talk about REFLEC BEAT 悠久のリフレシア – The Reflesia of Eternity…


~ DJ TOTTO pointing out the live feed camera to a surprised Des-ROW ~

First up, the announcement of 26 revival songs – previously cut after VOLZZA 2:

A new Ranking Quest will also be coming tomorrow, 1/19, with a very strong sword equip for Adventurer Pastel-kun:

A new song quest will also be added to Reflesia Mode:

And yes, VALLIS-NERIA is getting a WHITE HARD chart, unlockable until 2/1!


REFLEC BEAT 悠久のリフレシア – The Reflesia of Eternity + VOLZZA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK will be released 4/12 with a special PASTEL-KUN Picture Book!

Next up, a quick overview of the rules for The 6th KAC Final Rounds:

SOUND VOLTEX is also celebrating its 5th anniversary today, 1/18!

3 new songs and 3 new Ryu☆ Remix Contest songs are now in the game:

A new Kureha PUR and Genesis Card set was also added!

In addition, a new stamp bonus is running until the 29th, with an additional 555 pc/blc bonus if you played on 1/18 (Japan time, but possibly until maintenance?)

The eAMUSEMENT App “Play Share” functionality has also returned, with a special badge in the app if you load it up on the 18th or 19th:

In jubeat news, “Girls Selection” Premium jboxes will be available until 2/1:

jubeat plus also sees a new Brian the Sun Pack as well:

The 47th CHALLENGE SCRATCH song is “Mirage of the Mirror” by SHAMDEL:


As Tanaka-san flipped a switch on the above siren (there wasn’t any sound, sadly) a かめりあ (Camellia) Pack was added to jubeat and REFLEC BEAT plus! It’s downloadable now:

This week in GITADORA, two new songs were added to the SHIN-SHUN Fortune Event. The first one by popular group BRADIO…

…who also delivered a special video message to the fans:

And the second by Orochi RYU (Not Ryu☆)

A final bit of news from Konamistyle staff… the beatmania IIDX SINOBUZ OST Poster has been revealed, and it’s….of course, the same as the arcade poster, just a bit smaller:

The jacket has also been unveiled, with the staff (GOLI?) also improving from 5dan to 6dan! Congrats?!

The Hinabita and Coconatsu albums have also been given a 3/15 release date:

And that’s it for this week!