Weekly BEnama News – The 6th KAC Special Edition, plus BEMANI, EDP info & more!


On this week’s Weekly BEnama 6th KAC Special Broadcast, a variety of JAEPO and KAC details were revealed! Let’s take a look..



Here are the finalists for each game and their various nicknames or slogans:


The Champion’s Trophy Plate designs were also revealed…

…with the exception of SDVX, which will likely feature the “final” sightread song:


Speaking of SDVX – it will also be playable at JAEPO with a special GEnesis and Appeal Card set:


The final round songs in REFLEC BEAT will be chosen from the following 14 songs, being added tomorrow, 2/2!

The REFLEC OST set price has been announced: 4000 yen.


Konamistyle will also be selling various items at the show, and the beatmania IIDX SINOBUZ and Quiz Magic Academy OSTs will also be available on pre-sale:


Nostalgia is also getting ready for a full release, and a new build will be playable at JAEPO with 2 new songs and a larger set of features:

A Location test was also announced for Osaka’s ROUND 1 Umeda starting this Friday, 2/3:

Two new songs will be playable in this build:

Various BEMANI goods will also be sold at JAEPO by EIKOH, including pin badges, autograph signboards, IC/pass card holders, and a massive RaBeat plush pillow:


In addition, the next beatmania IIDX Figure Collection Vol.4 was teased, and is likely a SINOBUZ-version of Saya Kanzaki:


In other news, jubeat Qubell will get its second Valentine Selection jbox for the next two weeks:

jubeat and REFLEC BEAT plus also have new Qubell, BEMANI MUSIC FOCUS, and Yuuhei Satellite packs now:

A few goods for the beatnation summit EDP 2017 were also revealed:

They’re go on pre-sale as well online, starting 2/2 noon JST:




Finally, a reminder from PON:

“Don’t forget to use the toilet before you compete at KAC.”