The Harmonix Video Vault Panel at PAX East 2017 Plans to Show Off Tons of Unreleased Content


PAX East is quickly approaching, and Harmonix will be there with a panel I’m sure everyone will be eagerly awaiting to be apart of. The Harmonix Video Vault panel kicks off on Saturday, March 11th at 8pm in the Condor Theatre and it will be the only place and time you’ll ever be able to see unreleased content from the developer. PAX East attendees, get there and in line as early as possible.

The panel’s moderator is Josh Harrison, Community Lead from Harmonix, and will feature a mix of developers who have stood the test of time at Harmonix. Helen McWilliams, the recently promoted Senior VP of Creative, will be there to weave some tales and hurt your stomach with all the laughs she brings to the table. Drew Olsen, audio wizard extraordinaire, has some musical tales to tell. Matt Perlot, an artist at Harmonix, will bring tons of perspective on the art process and past works. Resident Marketing Manager Mastermind, Rebecca Potter, brings a deep knowledge of just how many things were left on the table, and never saw the light of day, which a lot of people, including us here at bemanistyle are most excited about. To wrap up our speakers, Harmonix artist and veteran Ryan Lesser can tell you almost anything you need to know about Harmonix’s history. He’s, ya know, one of the creatives behind the first Rock Band; he’ll be chock full of stories for this panel.