NOISZ Final Kickstarter Week Campaign Goals and the Future of the Game


NOISZ is wrapping up on it’s Kickstarter campaign, which at the time of this post, is currently at $2,380 out of the $5,600 it’s original goal. The team posted a quick update for backers about the game, new music, and the future of the game just in-case the game isn’t fully funded by March 6.

If fully funded, the team plans to include 3 more songs additional to what has already been decided as the song list:

But no matter what happens this final week, the game will still be made, but, may be a tad bit smaller than what a Kickstarter success could’ve brought to the table. The PROPHET tier will still give you the first DLC pack for free, according to the team! Just a small additional thank you for supporting. The T-shirts from the WEARER tier will still be made and sold separately as well and the backers will be able to vote on the shirts design and the funds will be used towards the game.

Take a look at the game ‘s Kickstarter here for more information, as well as our own preview.