Touching Sound – A DJMAX Technika Documentary Donation Extension Announced


A DJMAX Technika documentary you say? Yes! The filming has wrapped up and editing is underway. Since the Kickstarter ended, the filmmakers have been contacted by people wishing to support Touching Sound, whether they had missed the deadline when the Kickstarter launched, or simply heard about the project far later. We wanted to get this out to the community in hopes of more donations to an already incredible project.

The Touching Sound team announces that for one month only, they are giving one last chance to anyone who was unable to support the project on Kickstarter to acquire digital downloads of the festival-edit of the finished film here.

The film download, which will include English and Korean subtitles, and an eventual commentary, is available for $20 USD and the film is available with its soundtrack for $30 USD – Please note, these downloads will NOT be provided to you instantly, as the film is still undergoing final changes to text and other small details, and you will not receive credit in the film or access to other Kickstarter privileges.

The team wants to explain that this is not a profit-seeking operation.. all funds acquired through these means will go towards funding the film’s festival submissions (including submission fees, the creation of a theatrical sound mix, creating theater-ready Digital Cinema Package versions of the film, and marketing the film to help the story of Technika gain attention and further distribution, a processes which costs hundreds of dollars).

This opportunity will only be available until the end of March, after which the Touching Sound team cannot guarantee when or if the film will be available in a downloadable form again. So if you’ve been thinking of supporting the film, or want to guarantee that you’ll be able to see it, we hope you will take advantage of this chance to get yourself a digital copy.