VOEZ Nintendo Switch Release Dates Revealed and Exclusive Content Planned


With mere hours left until the Nintendo Switch release in North America and Europe (released earlier today in Japan), this will be Rayark Games’ debut release on Nintendo’s home console platform; in addition to full adaption of over a hundred original songs, brand new UI, and storyline content from VOEZ to Nintendo Switch, exclusive tunes for Nintendo Switch will also be part of the whole package. Unlike the current IAP approach on mobile devices featuring songs via DLC, the Nintendo Switch version adopts the pay-to-play model, providing Nintendo Switch players access to full game content and the best game experience anytime anywhere, just by spending less than half of the original total price with a one time purchase. VOEZ will be released digitally with the launch of Nintendo Switch simultaneously on March 3, with 4 built in language interfaces available, namely Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. The retail price of the Japanese version will be 2500 JPY, with the simultaneously sold EU version set at 21 EUR. The US version is scheduled to release on 3/9 at a price of $25.

Rayark also states that the one time purchase for unlimited access to tons of songs and exclusive content adopts the pay-to-play model on Nintendo Switch. Upon one time purchase of the game, players will own over a hundred songs such as “Akari”, “Dual Dragoon”, “Wilt”, “Brightnwss”, “ARCANA”, Event Horizon” and many more popular tracks, all accessible anytime, anywhere without requiring internet access. “Refel”, “Morimori Atsushi”, “PUPA” and other widely popular songs by Sakuzyo are also included in the mix. VOEZ will also introduce songs exclusive to the Nintendo Switch; the first release on March 3 will roll out “Ascension to Heaven” by renowned composer Xi.

Being the first rhythm game to appear on Nintendo’s latest home console the Nintendo, Switch, all content including the storyline, 100+ songs, and the optimized diamond styled UI will be fully represented to players. The Nintendo Switch version is playable in standalone offline mode. In addition to regular updates in the future, Nintendo Switch exclusive songs will continue to feature various works from a vast array of composers, delivering diverse and distinctive gameplay experience to Nintendo Switch players.