Arcaea for iOS and Android Release Date and Information Revealed!


Arcaea is a note highway styled rhythm game combining multiple style of notes in separate areas of the playfield that certainly need to be paid attention to. Developed by lowiroArcaea also allows for competitive online play, competing to beat your friends’ high scores. The game launches with 11 songs and three separate difficulties representing time. Such as Past, Present, and Future. Earning fragments after each song allows you to make the necessary purchases to new difficulties, while Memories are used to unlock Packs, where online and a sign in will be needed. Settings include different note speeds, SFX volume, and mobile offset adjustments.

Arcaea collaborates with musicians across the world to provide a wide variety of songs for players to experience. It makes full use of a new Dimensional ‘Arc’ input, never before seen in mobile rhythm games, providing a new challenging test for players, much like the lasers in Sound Voltex. Gameplay can be seen below:

Additional original songs will be available for download at release, whilst themed content updates will also follow.
Arcaea is already picking up traction among rhythm game fans on social media (especially Japan) and seems to be a new fresh step in the mobile direction for the genre.

The full release date of Arcaea is set as March 9th.