Weekly BEnama News #170: beatnation × EDP2017 + Nostalgia & more!


Lots of special information on this week’s BEMANI Namahousou (BEnama) Live Broadcast!

First up, a very special video:

This revealed the EDP2017 (beatnation 10th Anniversary Live) memorial/theme song:

「crew」/ dj TAKA vs. Nekomata Master feat. Kanako Hoshino:

4 more remixes were also revealed to be added to beatmania IIDX on 3/15:

In addition, a special campaign will be underway at select arcades. Play IIDX 30 times (at the same arcade) and get a super rare CD featuring all versions of the theme:

Details here: http://p.eagate.573.jp/game/bemani/campaign/beatnation10th/p/index.html

The song will actually be only one “song” – with each difficulty being a different version:

Of course this means Kanako and NU-KO have both been added as performers on the event’s main stage, along with pop’n vocalist Momoko Hayashi and SDVX/MUSECA singer KanataN:


After a long wait, the Another Floor’s timetable was finally revealed – although the main stage has yet to be announced:


A load of new official and artist goods was also previewed:

Some rules for the goods line-up:

Line starts at 6am
Sales start at 10am
If you purchase over 10,000yen, you get a lottery ticket for an autographed signboard
Credit cards OK
Up to 3 of the same item no limit on total goods
You don’t need an event ticket to purchase goods

For those unable to attend the event in Tokyo, 7 arcades across Japan will be livestreaming the event and presumably have goods available for sale:


Next up, a huge announcement for Nostalgia, Konami’s newest BEMANI game, starting 3/15:

  • 8 songs from other BEMANI games will be added to Nostalgia!
  • nostos and Fly far bounce will be transplanted to other BEMANI games!
  • 2 new watches can be unlocked by playing Nostalgia once, and and of the crossover songs once!


Next up: pop’n music and Sound Voltex will have a brand new FLOOR INFECTION and POLICY BREAK set starting 3/9!

To popn:「XROSS INFECTION」/ BlackY vs. Yooh
To SDVX:「恋歌疾風!かるたクイーンいろは」/ ねこまんまチーム!


Announced earlier this week, SDVX is also getting a new Hinabita Genesis Card Set, tomorrow 3/9, with a new PUR: Sakiko Kasuga!

In jubeat news, the 3rd round of BeatStream (RIP) crossovers will be added 3.9, for anyone that played BeatStream, ever. For users who didn’t play, they can grab the song by matching with another player who does:

The 3rd and 4th dig RUSH events will also be revived for one week each, for anyone who didn’t unlock those songs last year:


A special jbox selection will also be made available featuring TAG’s “graduation song” – Alstroemeria:

Following that, REFLEC BEAT had a few announcements, starting with a new WHITE HARD chart for DEADLOCK – unlockable in a Reflesia Mode Quest:

Ryu☆’s AO-∞ will also have two unique packs coming to REFLEC BEAT plus and jubeat plus on 3/10:

Joining that, a ButaOtome Pack will also be available starting 3/17, celebrating their major debut:

The 54th jubeat plus CHALLENGE SCRATCH and next REFLEC BEAT plus Special chart were also announced:

A HinaBita: Five Drops 02 -honey lemon- Ibuki Izumi pack is now available in both of the mobile games:

Speaking of HinaBita, anyone logging into the official eAmusement App from 3/9 ~ 3/15 will earn a special emblem icon:

REFLEC BEAT 悠久のリフレシア & VOLZZA Original Soundtrack Disc 4 was also partially revealed, with a total of 15 long versions,