BEMANI Artist × QUIZ MAGIC ACADEMY Collaboration Info


This week, the usual BEnama Livestream was postponed until next week, to give artists more time to prepare for EDP, and to instead broadcast the 1st episode of “Quiz Magic Academy Broadcasting Club” to commemorate today’s launch of the latest version, Quiz Magic Academy THE WORLD EVOLVE

Why is this relevant? This time, a bunch of BEMANI artists were asked by the game’s Sound Director, Gekidan Record, to compose some new tracks for the game’s soundtrack:

Gekidan Record, Nekomata Master, Sota Fujimori, and DJ TOTTO all joined the stream tonight, with BEnama’s usual host Tanaka-san from PR.

The game’s opening theme song is the first one with vocals, coming from three big names in BEMANI:

Nekomata Master talked about his involvement in the song, and Sota mentioned that his song would be a more “electric”-feeling mid-tempo song. Of course, they also discussed how the songs would have a bit of a different feel from some BEMANI boss songs.

Next up, everyone enjoyed playing the brand-new “Role-Playing Game Quiz” together as a team:


QMA Grand Tracks Soundtrack Set was also released today and includes 3 discs of past (unreleased) QMA songs, plus a new song:

BT2D-Necotical Mix / Gekidan Record remixed by Nekomata Master

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