[REPORT] EDP × beatnation summit 2017 -beatnation 10th Anniversary- & After Party!


What happens when you bring the biggest names in BEMANI together for a special live event and after-party talk show? You get…

EDP × beatnation summit 2017
-beatnation 10th Anniversary-





Originally announced just about 3 months ago on Konami’s BEnama #161, this event was not only a major EDP (Exit Tunes Dance Party), but also a celebration of the beatnation records label’s 10th anniversary!

beatnation records, for those unfamiliar, is Konami’s in-house label that has released various albums, such as BEMANI Original Soundtracks, or artists’ solo albums. The 7 members include:

  • dj TAKA (Ishikawa Takayuki)
  • DJ YOSHITAKA (Nishimura Yoshitaka)
  • L.E.D. (Kakuta Toshiyuki)
  • Sota Fujimori
  • Nekomata Master (Sato Naoyuki)
  • kors k (Saito Kosuke)
  • Ryu☆ (Nakahara Ryutaro)

In 2007, the group held their first concert: “beatnation summit –beatmania IIDX premium Live-” in two small locations in Japan, with just 600 and 200 visitors able to attend each one. The label, the games’ popularity, and the live industry has grown since then, and this year’s event was a celebration of the past 10 years of the beatnation label.

This year, some special ticket sets were sold, including a Super VIP set, containing a Limited-Edition pen light, a wristband, a ticket to the front section of the concert, and a ticket for the after-party talk event, held the next day.

It also contained a redemption card to exchange for the Official Pamphlet – a roughly $15 premium booklet including artist profiles and interviews, a special talk session, and most importantly, these pictures:





On the day of the event, March 18th, interested parties headed over to STUDIO COAST in Shin-Kiba, located conveniently east of Tokyo Station, in a somewhat quiet industrial part of the city. There was a limit on the queuing for goods this time, so if you wanted to secure a purchase as fast as possible, you had to turn up at 6am for a randomly-numbered ticket, which determined your place in the line that was starting at 8:30, with goods only going on sale starting at 10am. Some fans turned up early, only to receive a disappointingly high number:

What exactly were they hoping to get? Take a look below at the catalog for event goods:

There were also a large number of CDs available for sale, although those didn’t require waiting in much of a line or arriving early.

For those arriving at a normal time…

Over the river and…

Here we are! STUDIO COAST, also known as the “ageHa” club venue, was ready for the crowds, and a line formed around 10am towards the gachapon capsule machines, where one of 21 different designs was available:

I tried my luck 4 times with the following results:

On a stage area just left of the building, there were 3 massive cut-out stands of the crew, as well as kors k in one of his signature poses, and Ryu☆’s newest album:


Lots of fans enjoyed taking pictures with these until after the event finished! A great new idea for this year’s EDP.

Speaking of new ideas – a very interesting collaboration between EDP and two popular magazines, GROOVE and Sound & Recording, yielded three different items: a custom T-shirt with your choice of various event photos of the concert, a standard T-shirt with 4 choices of colors and logo designs, or a Totebag with those same choices:


After the official goods area had quieted down a bit, I wandered over to take a peek…

This time around, credit cards were accepted in addition to cash and the whole process went extremely smoothly, especially compared to previous events. What sold out first was almost all older goods/back stock, followed by the official event goods:

Some lucky winners (who purchased over 10,000円 worth) got their hands on one of these artist signboards:

When it was time to head inside, guess who had the #1 ticket in line?! None other than Mr. “Gorilla of the North” – who travelled all the way from Hokkaido for this event:

After grabbing a drink ticket (which I should have IMMEDIATELY exchanged for a bottle of water but forgot…) I proceeded into the Super-VIP [forefront] area which held around 150 people just in front of the main stage.

The venue for this event was quite nice, with excellent sound, plenty of ventilation and, an amazing stage setup including lasers (By MiU) and smoke/ice.


Just before curtain time, we were lucky enough to get a great shot of the rare 北のゴリラ in his natural habitat:

Meanwhile, backstage, the artists and other performers were having a fun time:


Before the Main Floor (stage) started, the Another Floor (with an amazing line-up) got started in a separate area, with none other than beatmania IIDX Pro-player DOLCE. as the opening act:

Massive New Krew also brought their latest hit “HADES” to the floor:

MASAYOSHI IIMORI also gave a special performance there:


Unfortunately for many fans hoping to see their favorites on the Another Floor, the timetable overlapped with the Main Floor. While the passage between the two areas was open, moving from your initial spot would mean you aren’t getting back there. Most everyone in the VIP area with me stayed there the entire time. If I had just bought a normal ticket however, I’d probably go back-and-forth to catch all the best moments of both. My only gripe is the overlap of the times.



The main stage heated up at 3:30pm, with an excellent opening act by kors k! His set included:

  1. Gimme a Big Beat
  2. Insane Techniques
  3. M4K3 1T B0UNC3
  4. the shadow
  5. Playing With Fire
  6. Rave Cannon
  7. Uh-Oh
  8. smooooch ・∀・ (2014)
  9. Super Rush
  10. gigadelic (2017)

Next up, Sota Fujimori brought back some classic tracks along with some new ones for a high-energy set that blew my mind, finishing with a special guest appearance by Camellia:

  1. Rise’n Beauty
  2. Back Into The Light (Feelings Won’t Fade)
  3. Fly Above
  4. In Heaven
  5. Transport
  10. Rock The Club
  11. Entrapment
  12. aura
  14. New Decade
  15. New Century
  16. 紫陽花 -AZISAI- (feat. Camellia)


After that, a hardstyle all-L.E.D.-G set got the crowd even more pumped up!


After the last song, everyone knew what was coming next. As L.E.D. quickly changed clothes, everyone switched their penlights to pink, for Prim‘s set, including an unexpected twist!

  1. †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ†
  2. 恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!!
  3. キャトられ♥恋はモ~モク (player defeats Yellow Rapika & Prim collapsed)
  4. 共鳴遊戯の華  (White Lopica sings, channelled through Prim’s body)
  5. 轟け!恋のビーンボール!!

A chronicle of the stage events was illustrated by Prim and later sent to moimoi:

After Prim successfully conquered Studio Coast, she headed back to her home planet. The next artist was DJ YOSHITAKA, with an upbeat and fun set, including a rare EMPRESS MARCH appearance!

  3. Evans
  4. SHION
  5. MANA
  6. High School Love
  9. Daily Lunch Special

Following that, Y&Co.‘s REMO-CON took the stage by surprise with a “Y&Co. MEGA-MIX”! The songs included the following, with some longer than others, plus vocals by Kanae Asaba, and some incredible dancing by two people we all know and love:

  1. Attitude
  3. Y&Co. is dead or alive
  4. Set U Free feat. Kanae Asaba
  5. Wonder Girl feat. Kanae Asaba
  6. Remedy feat. Kanae Asaba
  8. Take My Life
  9. Colors (Y&Co. Eurobeat Remix)
  10. Speedy Cat
  11. Mysterious Time
  12. Monkey Dance ’09
  13. Sweet Rain
  14. DAISUKE (feat. Dai)
  15. TA・DA ☆ YO・SHI (feat. Yossy)

The next performers included the members of the new label, beatnation RHYZE. Each brought their unique sounds to the stage with various surprises, including newly-mastered songs and great performances:

  2. 追想快晴テーマパーク / PHQUASE
  3. Towards The Horizon / かめりあ
  4. めうめうぺったんたん!! (割印 [Breakcore] Remix) / 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ (rmx: Camellia)
  5. HYENA / Hommarju
  6. Crazy Jackpot / Hommarju
  7. Selfish Sweet / OSTER project feat. かなたん
  8. Devilz Staircase / OSTER project
  9. Agony for Glory / RoughSketch
  10. Sacrifice for Justice / RoughSketch
  11. Poppin’ Shower + TRIGGER★HAPPY + Hello Happiness
    ~beatnation summit HAPPY MEGAMIX~ / P*Light
  12. 月光乱舞 -GRV ver.- / P*Light
  13. Astrogazer / DJ TOTTO
  14. Valanga 2017 / DJ TOTTO
  15. Eira / DJ TOTTO
  17. KHAMEN BREAK / くふおー (feat. RHYZEMI-san) ↓

At this point, the live was halfway over, and there was a short 10-minute intermission. Immediately following that, it was time for the VENUS stage!

  1. Survival Games -ZEUS Mix-
  3. Samba de 恋心
  4. Chu☆Chu☆ Tonight
  5. Wow Wow VENUS
  6. 恋愛観測 -VENUS Mix-

At the beginning, DJ TOTTO came out on stage to DJ, and to everyone’s surprise, Yoshitaka and Sota appeared on the balcony in the upper-rear of the hall! After a short performance there, including an awesome keytar solo from Sota, they dashed down to the front stage and continued on, accompanied by dance unit “TITAN” – Dai., Yossy, Hirayasu Matsudo, and newcomer LEO. In addition, wac and NU-KO joined the stage for their final song!

Coming up after that was Nekomata Master with a very “猫叉Master+“-focused set, including some special guests:

  1. Lost wing at.0
  3. Far east nightbird -EDP 2017 edit- (feat. kors k + rmx)
  4. Rainbow after snow (feat. 林ももこ)
  6. GAIA (feat. L.E.D.)
  7. Proof of the existence
  8. Symmetry
  9. サヨナラヘヴン -EDP 2017 edit- (feat. Camellia + rmx)


The next artist, Xceon, came on stage to a warm welcome, as he brought along newcomer vocalist Kanae Asaba as well as Mayumi Morinaga:

  1. 冬椿 (feat. Kanae Asaba)
  2. オルタネイトβ (feat. Mayumi Morinaga)
  3. 罪と罰 (feat. Mayumi Morinaga) [Dancers: Dai. & Yossy]

Mayumi and the two dancers, all wearing clothes designed by VJ Halka, stayed on stage to sing along with the next act, Ryu☆! This started out with a beautiful extended intro on Oboro:

  1. 朧 (feat. Mayumi Morinaga + Dai. & Yossy)
  2. OOO (feat. moimoi + Dai. & Yossy)
  3. Mermaid girl (feat. moimoi + Dai. & Yossy)
  4. So Fabulous!! (feat. Dai.)
  5. Second Heaven
  6. I’m so Happy
  7. Sakura Reflection
  8. waxing and wanding
  9. 3y3s
  10. Plan 8


The final act was, of course, the IIDX “King” himself, dj TAKA! His set was filled with some incredible moments including Mei, of all songs, plus a special appearance by wac to play the difficult keyboard in Zirkfied, and finally, the full extended version of True Blue, complete with English lyrics shown on-screen, where the entire crowd sung along:

  1. Broken
  2. V
  3. ZZ
  4. ΕΛΠΙΣ
  5. quaver♪
  6. Zirkfied
  7. 津軽雪
  8. 天空の夜明け
  9. True Blue


After the stage darkened, the crowd immediate started an “Encore!” call, which lasted quite a long time…

But, out came beatnation records for one last set of collaborations:

  1. Chain of pain / kors k VS 猫叉 Master+
  2. Go Ahead / Ryu☆ vs. Sota
  3. 焔極OVERKILL / RoughSketch vs. L.E.D.-G
  4. Triple Counter / DJ YOSHITAKA meets dj TAKA

After this excellent high-energy part, the entire cast came out on stage, and 2 announcements were made.  First, kors k has been promoted to “Producer” at EDP (EXITTUNES DANCE PRODUCTION)


EDP Japan Tour 2017!
6/4 Osaka @ club JOULE
6/11 Nagoya @ X-HALL-ZEN
7/?? in Fukuoka (planned)

Finally, Special Guest Kanako Hoshino came out on stage to sing a special version of the event’s theme, “crew” along with NU-KO and Mayumi Morinaga.

  • crew / beatnation Records feat.星野奏子

After an ending credit roll sequence, the event finally concluded. Outside, some fliers were given out including one, announcing kors k and REDALiCE’s final S2TBTANO*C event:

As the guests headed out, many stopped to take this great picture:



The official After Party was held in two time slots in Shibuya at Tokyo Culture Culture. Our VIP ticket got us into the Afternoon slot, and we also purchased a ticket for the Evening time.

(Yes, they fixed the typo afterwards.)

The event was essentially a talk session including whichever artists wanted to stop by, including:

Ryu☆, kors k, Halka, Mayumi Morinaga, Xceon, Dai., Yossy, RoughSketch, Kanae Asaba, BlackY, Yooh, C-Show, MK, Camellia, t+pazolite, and secret beatnation guest Sota Fujimori!

All the guests chose parts of the live to watch on the big screen, and give a live commentary about various aspects, such as the song production, backstage information, and many more interesting stories.

A special drink menu was also available including Black or White cocktails, Superfried Gyoza, and more:

Plenty of interesting stories were heard. Hopefully this kind of event happens again! It was a lot of fun.



One last thanks to everyone involved in EDP, beatnation, and all fans.

You made this happen.

Here’s to another 10 years, and more…!

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