Weekly BEnama News #171: EDP 2017 Mini-Report & more!


This week’s BEnama aired at 7pm, earlier than usual, but we still had a lot of great news.

HuΣeR, Sota Fujimori, DJ TOTTO, and dj TAKA all joined MC Tanaka-san from PR to talk about EDP × beatnation summit 2017 -beatnation 10th Anniversary-, which we also covered!

Take a quick look at Konami’s official photos:

Unsold goods will also be sold starting in late March, with more details coming soon:



In other news, 14 new songs came to Nostalgia today, including a brand-new songs by Sota Fujimori, plus 13 other classics:

Headphone volume will also be saved between plays, and a new judgement line adjustment (Lift/Lower) has been added:


In IIDX news, Iroha and Lilina’s Occult Research Club is back, and as usual, you can get new Q-Pro parts by spending your BUZZ in-game currency, starting tomorrow 3/23!

In MUSECA, some kind of Premium Friday event will be coming soon?!:

In jubeat Qubell, the 5th and 6th dig RUSH QUBEs will be revived for one week only:

A brand new MEGALARA GARUDA jbox Selection is also coming 3/23, with 4 unique parts to obtain:

In addition, jubeat’s 5th BeatStream collaboration will bring 2 more songs over for players who’ve unlocked the songs previously, in BeatStream:

REFLEC BEAT will also get 12 more revivals, and of course, you can’t spell revival without V!!!!!!!!

A new Normal Quest will also be added with some new gear for Pastel-kun and 2 new songs:

Continuing the HinaBita promotion, Five Drops #4 -pure grape- Pack is now available in REFLEC BEAT plus and jubeat plus, with the final #5 -bergamot mint- coming next week on 3/29:

The スキMUSIC Ranking for February isn’t finished yet, but some primary rankings were shown:

















The REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA & Reflesia Original Soundtrack DISC 4 has been fully revealed with lots of full versions:

Finally, a bonus campaign has been added on Konamistyle, where you can enter to win one of two autographed boards from 3 voice actresses:

That’s it for this week! Next week is a Mahjong Fight Club Livestream, so the next BEnama will be on April 5th at 7pm JST. We’ll see you then!