DEEMO’s Ending Chapter ‘Forgotten Hourglass’ Now Available

Mobile rhythm game DEEMO will be releasing version 3.0 today, March 31, the biggest update in over a year since version 2.0. The following is DEEMO’s update notes:
The ending chapter to the story “Forgotten Hourglass” DLC is on sale now
– Multiple playthrough system: New scene appearances and scenes to experience the story of DEEMO from a different perspective
– 25 new songs: Containing works from famous musicians such as Michiru Ōshima, xi, ICE, KIVA, etc., and instrumentals by classical composers such as Chopin, Brahms, Mozart, and much more..
– Added over 10 new charts of EXTRA difficulty
– More than 20 collectibles available
– Accelerated play through: Use the brand new “light orb system” to make your way towards the end game faster!
– 4 new free songs added to “Shattered Memories”
– “Knots Way” song from Crusaders Quest added to “Collaboration Collection”
– Improved gameplay experience and optimized UI – Fixed issues of unsuccessful game data saving
“3.0 will be the ending of DEEMO’s story, and we hope over 18 million of our global players will come together to witness the final chapter.” says Rayark Games


  1. Aw, sad to hear the story is ending. I can’t wait to play this when it comes to Vita though, happy to get the full package on my little handheld 🙂

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