Harmonix lay-offs Include 17 Members of the Staff in the Companies Fourth Cut


Yesterday, a spokesperson at Harmonix has reported to GamesIndustry.biz that 17 members of the staff have been laid off in Harmonix’s latest (fourth) cut. The layoff came in part of one of the largest cut in the companies history to align with the current and anticipated development needs.

“Today we made the difficult decision to say goodbye to 17 talented people as we restructured to align with our current and anticipated development needs. These people all played a role in making Harmonix and its games what they are today and we are more than grateful for their contributions. We are working to ensure that they are taken care of as we make this change.”

Harmonix has recently released Rock Band VR and a few other titles are still in development, such as DropMix and SingSpace, a long with DLC for Rock Band Rivals.