Documentary Styled Promo for PaRappa The Rapper Remastered is Damn Good


Sony and the PlayStation family love quirky and creative promotion whenever there’s room for it, and PaRappa The Rapper Remastered definitely seems fit.

Above is an amazing tweet from PlayStation Europe promoting the game in a music documentary style that is just in tune to what PaRappa is all about. PaRappa The Rapper just recently dropped in North America and Europe (Asia, it’s coming soon!) and PlayStation Europe’s marketing hit it out of the park with a clever documentary discussing PaRappa and the innovation he brought to hip-hop. Hell, to even cement that case and blow it up larger, Shuhei Yoshida-President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment said in his interview with PaRappa creator Masaya Matsuura, that “I believe that PaRappa opened the way to many rhythm games”. We here at bemanistyle are totally on board with that.

PaRappa The Rapper is out now and our review can be seen here! The game will also see a physical disc release in Japan only when it launches on April 20th.