Neon FM Mobile (iOS/Android) – OUT NOW!


After extensive beta testing for over 10 months, and a history of over 15 years, Neon FM’s Mobile version has finally been made available to the general public! The game is free on both iOS and Android, with in-app purchases for songs and gameplay coins. Check out the official launch trailer:

There are now various controller/button/tap zone layouts available, making for smooth gameplay even on smaller-screen devices. Many songs have been added throughout the development process, with over 130 songs available, and new songs planned every 2 weeks!

Of course, Neon FM’s not just a mobile game. There are arcade cabinets across the world, offering a similar experience to the mobile game – but with physical buttons:

The game’s Beta Facebook group has also been revamped and is now the official community for the game. For online leaderboards, FAQs, and lots more information on all versions, check out the game’s official website here.