Airtone Developers Confirm DLC and PlayStation VR Consideration

We reached out to Active Gaming Media, the development team for Airtone on some questions we had rattling around our brain. Airtone is a game where you submerge yourself into the world of the main character, Neon. Together you can dance along and fly through the music library. Combining the modern arcade dance machine with great music and VR.
Any plans for DLC?
Yes, we plan to release new tracks as DLC.
Will the game support some kind of unlock system for new tracks, ship designs and colors?
As the game progresses, new tracks will unlock. We will unveil other unlockable contents at a later date.
Other characters to choose from?
Only Neon. Please be nice to her 🙂
Future PS VR release planned?
We are seriously considering it, but it hasn’t been decided at the moment.
Speed modifications or any other game mods available?
No, speed can’t be modified. We are setting the best speed for each song track by track.
Although the beta is now closed – we’ll be sure to follow up on any news and information as it comes through.