Did you know? There’s a PaRappa Cafe in Tokyo that’s open until May 31st. This is KIND OF A BIG DEAL so we took a trip over with some friends to check it out.

Located in the Tokyo Skytree’s SOLAMACHI Shopping center, the small take-out cafe has just a few indoor and outdoor seats available, so on a weekend or holiday, good luck finding a place to sit. Luckily for us, we dropped by on a Monday night and had no problems.

Heading inside, we can see plenty of great themed decorations all over the shop:

The menu includes some delicious and interesting items. Take a look below:

  • “RAP! HOT!”
    PaRappa Sandwich
  • “So Sweet!”
    PaRappa Mango Parfait (with Souvenir Cup)
  • “I’m hungry”
    PJ Berri Peanut Butter Cream Parfait (with Souvenir Cup)
  • “nom nom nom…”
    PJ Berri Donut Plate
  • “Zzz…”
    Chop Chop Fruitsy Parfait
  • “So Cute!”
    Sunny Funny Bacon Egg Muffin & Fries
  • “So Fresh!”
    Sunny Funny’s Ice Lemon Soda
  • “Riceball! Soup! It’s all in the mind.”
    Chop Chop Master Onion’s Curry Rice Ball & Onion Soup
  • “It’s party time!”
    Anniversary Tropical Juice
  • “So fizzy!”
    Katy Kat Blue Cream Soda
  • “So cool!”
    Iced Tea-cher
  • “I gotta relieve!”
    PJ Berri Latte / PaRappa Frog Latte


Each menu item came with a chance to pull a lottery ball, which would give you one of four stickers: COOL!! / Good! / BAD / AWFUL, each in decreasing size.

For “themed” food, this was pretty good. This location regularly does collaboration and themed cafes with various brands, so they’ve got it down by now. After the quick bite, of course we had to check out the Gift Shop next door!

If you’re a PaRappa fan, this place will blow your mind. I was really surprised at the variety and quality of the goods available here. You can tell the staff had a good time designing this corner.

Plenty of interesting items on sale here, ranging from T-shirts and hats to stationary, plush toys, keychains, donuts, and much more:

Why yes, that IS an official PJ Berri kigurumi.

A mini keychain gachapon was also availabe at 300yen per try:

There was honestly so much to choose from, so I started with the “PJ Berri’s Donut Munching” Challenge!

This was a tough one! 500 yen bought you 5 plush donut rings, which you had to toss into PJ’s mouth. If you get over 4 in, you’d win a mini PJ Cushion (above left), or if you failed, the consolation prize was a neat mini totebag!

You might be able to figure out how the donuts fly after one throw, but it’s definitely a challenge. I was only able to get 1 in…

Of course, to promote the game’s recent re-release, there were two demo stations available:

Although the timing (it’s all in the mind…?) was pretty late, it was a fun break and nice trip to the past.

If you are in Tokyo before May 31st, it’s worth a visit, especially if you plan on heading to the Skytree! If yu went, let us know how it was!

“PaRappa The Rapper Anniversary Cafe & Shop”
April 20 (Thu) – May 31 (Wed) 2017
Location: Tokyo Skytree Town “TV Station Official Shop -Tree Village-”
Address: Tokyo-to, Sumida-ku Oshigami 1-1-2, Tokyo Sky Tree Town · Solamachi West Yard 4F (Block 2)
Opening Hours: 10am ~ 9pm

〒131-0045 東京都墨田区押上1-1-2
東京スカイツリータウン・ソラマチ ウエストヤード 4F