Today marks an incredible accomplishment and milestone for bemanistyle as today marks our 15th anniversary as a brand and insanely niche video game outlet. The past two years has been a huge success in rebranding, relaunching, and sticking with our new plan in covering music game news. While many of you might miss the old simfile database and how it still would’ve been the best online without a doubt, we branched off and made our focus on news, weekly BEnama coverage and exclusive announcements that can seriously not be found elsewhere.

Comments from Paul Hartling (redshoepaul)

Starting from a user, then Moderator, then Administrator, then to ultimately a Senior Editor – it has been a pleasure to manage and work with past, new staff and contributors alike. These players have stepped up and decided to help with coverage on games they are passionate about and work with a brand that has been so dedicated to the music game scene. With first and exclusive coverage has always been in the site’s past, one of our largest milestones is certainly working with Dave & Buster’s to bring the North American DDR scene their info they craved on DDR A making it’s way to certain locations first. Teasing and releasing the location information alongside Dave & Buster’s is a feeling I could never forget.

 – Amounts of shares the DDR A location list hit. Real number is 2,858 shares.

Our relationship with not only Dave & Buster’s, but other game developers, publishers, arcade owners and General Managers have flourished since the start of the relaunch two years ago and it will continue to do so moving forward. Bringing on ‘other Paul’ last year to help with Japanese coverage has been a bit of a godsend. Paul not only dedicates himself no matter what – to traveling to location tests and concerts to bring everyone information first regarding new games and music, but covers BEnama weekly like an absolute boss and with style and impressive Twitter presence. His fame and notoriety in Japan is well recognized amongst Japanese BEMANI players and he will forever be a main staple with bemanistyle as long as it exists.

One last mention needs to go out, even though he isn’t hands on anymore, is to Eddie. Eddie has launched this site back on this day (May 2) 2002 and he continues to have the passion for these games we all grew up with. Seriously. He use to have a garage that was filled with just about one of each BEMANI arcade games and currently still owns a Mamba a Go Go- which it’s fucking awesome. He not only gave me the chance to moderate a forum correctly back on bemanistyle 6.0, he taught me the ways of proper moderation and administrating, and more importantly, the opportunity to use bemanistyle as a voice of my own to post the latest news and information however and whenever I like. That opportunity has helped me grow into what I love doing personally and his trust in me is what keeps me moving forward everyday.

Comments from Paul Richardson (AceJay)

Remember Forum Boredom? Tokens? DDRMAX3?? TATSUJIN VIDS?!

There were once these things on a great site, and now they are no longer. After starting my music game life with DDR, and online at DDRFreak in 2004, I quickly found that Bemanistyle was always a site where I could go to find out what was happening. It was also a site where I could learn about how much other awesome stuff the BEMANI world had to offer, other than just DDR. At that time, I myself was only 15 years old, and the music game scene was a vastly different place from what we have today.

One of the best things I liked about Bemanistyle at that time was the Marketplace (Buy/Sell Forum) because it opened my eyes to all the amazing merch available, and helped me buy and sell my own things. Shout outs to anyone I’ve ever done business with!

Of course, the DDROSC Stepmania Contests deserve a mention. Some of the greatest simfiles I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing came from there, along with the rest of the site’s database. Stepmania (BEMANI) simfiles also opened my eyes to beatmania/IIDX, which became my main game after some time.

In 2014 I moved to Japan to begin a new chapter in my own life. After being able to watch my first episodes of BEnama, live, in Japan time, I remembered how I enjoyed checking out bemanistyle for news and other information. After getting into Twitter, I started using that to translate/post BEMANI news. Finally, I was able to join Bemanistyle as “the guy in Japan” last February. It felt great to have a purpose in Japan, and my new location in Tokyo (close to all the games/action) definitely helped, too. After some time, I got back into the scene in a new way. In just a year I was able to grow our Twitter followers from 1,800 to over 5,300, many of those being new fans from Japan, Korea, and other countries.

Seeing USA represented in this year’s Konami Arcade Championships along with Japan and Korea, I was able to see how BEMANI is really a worldwide thing. But I still want more people to know about these games, the music, and the whole culture. So I’ll keep on doing what I’ve been doing.

Let’s do it.


Comments from Eddie Lehecka (eddie)

I kind of can’t believe it’s been 15 years already. I still fondly remember sitting in my apartment in Columbus, Ohio with my friends Arnell & Patty, on AIM with Malcolm, and brainstorming what to call the new site. It was less than a year later where we cemented our position as one of the most reliable music game news sites on the internet with the launch of DDR EXTREME, and things just continued to get crazier from there. The friends I’ve made and business partners I’ve met as a result of this website still remain some of the closest people in my life, and it’s hard to argue that I would be doing things like Attack The Music, SYNERGY, galaxxxy, or OTAQUEST if it wasn’t for everything that started here.

I’m definitely not as hands on as I used to be, and soon I’ll be passing the general management torch so Paul & Paul have more control over the site and are able to impact even more growth, but bemanistyle still remains one of the most important things in my life and I can never see myself fully letting it go. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, and to everyone I’ve met and become close to as a result of this (sometimes ridiculous) community. Here’s to another 15 years!


So, while we’re not yet able to get our license at only 15 years old, bemanistyle will continue to grow and see some new features that have been planned for quite a while now. Whether you only follow our Twitter account, or read our news in editorial format…we thank you!

We are always looking for suggestions on how to improve the site, since really, it’s all because of you guys! Email us anytime: