Beats Fever and Beats Fever Paper (mobile) Brings Beautiful Rhythm Gaming to VR Platforms


An indie-rhythm VR title that almost certain fell through the cracks looks to be an absolute dream. Beats Fever and Beats Fever Paper. Beats Fever is a rhythm game on VR platforms including Oculus and HTC Vive (PlayStation VR soon) where players enjoy stylish music and catch rising notes. With over 40 licensed tracks from renowned music agencies, easy and casual gameplay, featured graphics and immersive environments such as Tokyo, Paris and more, developer Arrowiz says this game can be enjoyed by all ages.

Beats Fever Paper is the mobile version, but they both follow the same style of gameplay. Aim at music gems (polyhedrons) when they rise into the circles and tap the touchpad (Gear VR/Huawei VR) or click the touchpad (Daydream View/Xiaomi VR). Beats Fever Paper features a unique paper-craft art style with fine-tuned timelines and patters for each track, while premium graphics can be seen in Beats Fever.


Beats Fever-


Beats Fever Paper-