NOISZ: New demo available, new songs update!


We first previewed NOISZ back in January, when the game was crowdfunding on Kickstarter, after a completely awesome trailer reveal. Unfortunately, it wasn’t able to fund completely. However, the game’s development team isn’t one to give up, and so the game will still be made and sold, with a slightly modified songlist:

In addition to these confirmed songs, we recently spoke with the team and got an exclusive reveal of three more songs and 3 secrets!!!…

Other planned songs from the Kickstarter campaign might be revisited in the form of DLC, after the game’s initial release.

The team also released a new public demo including various changes from the first release:

  • Revamped visuals (player sprite, menus, combo animation, etc.)
  • Red bullets now always have display priority over blue
  • Countdown 4 beats before song starts
  • Robot Rhinos overall pattern made more player-friendly
  • Various bug/pattern fixes (safe spot removal, etc.)

The game now features a new navigator character, “Beyond” who seems to be a guide and friend to the player – no longer represented as a stick-figure. Check out some new screenshots of the latest build:


















While Blood / MonstDeath is only playable in the Kickstarter backers’ version, the public demo includes the game’s Tutorial and two full songs.

The improved interface, excellent soundtrack, and other features are helping to shape NOISZ into a game that can’t be missed. We will be sure to keep on top of updates and release information – so keep checking back here, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


Rejected article titles include:
“Go Beyond the NOISZ With NOISZ”
“Go Beyond the Noise With BEYOND in NOISZ”
“Go Ahead, Make My Game.”