Weekly BEnama News #174: jubeat Clan & SDVX 3 PC Special!


After a 2 week break, BEnama is back, and it delivered a bunch of juicy information on the latest update to jubeat, as well as Sound Voltex 3’s upcoming PC release!

First up, the location test announcement for jubeat Clan! It will be held this weekend at two locations in both Tokyo and Osaka!

On to new features – jubility will return as the Player Ranking system in Clan, and offer some benefits at each level:

Jubility will not decrease – it can only go up. In addition, each chart has its own value, and higher ranks can be reached by using HARD MODE:

Your city will grow based on your jubility. More on that later:

2 new songs have been revealed – “Sulk” and “Jazz is Rad”

Welcome!! is a crossover from the unreleased Otoiroha, while Yunomi’s track is from MUSECA.

Two popular Touhou Arranges from circle NekoHiroki:

The first new feature was also revealed – the city where you will “live” for a certain amount of time. Each one combines a color with a real-life city, and your residency is decided randomly:

Another much-requested feature has been added, folders for Versions and Artists! No more searching for the song you want and running out of time:

One more interesting and useful feature – Category/Folder “Clear Lamps”! Details can be seen by holding down each icon:

Finally, the system voice/announcer was revealed to be tonight’s guest, Yuki Nakashima, a popular singer and voice actress:

She treated the viewers to the first-ever playthrough of the new game:

After finishing her first song, she was given :Cyanttle” as her city to live in:

The interface is quite refined, and changes accent colors based on the location you’re currently in:

Here we can see a closeup of the “kors k” Clear Lamp:

Music selection is of course, unchanged:

In other news, jubeat plus will soon get a “Qubell pack 5” including 4 new songs. REFLEC BEAT plus will also receive 4 songs in the BEMANI MUSIC FOCUS PACK 06!

Both games will also soon have a SOUND HOLIC Touhou Arrange Pack, coming soon:


On to the SDVX news, the e-Amusement Cloud release is planned for this year, and Alpha Testing will start soon!

The game is an updated version of the previous “SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS” with various enhancements, such as the rating and ranking systems matching SDVX 4:

MAD CHILD, tonight’s secret special guest, quickly went to his “home” to introduce the game to viewers:

(It’s actually in the BEnama studio, but MAD CHILD is a funny dude)

The game has options for customizing your display to either windowed or full-screen modes, and supports all rotations:

One interesting thing we noticed tonight: The game will use a “TICKET” system to play. Hopefully this replaces the subscription system that beatmania IIDX INFINITAS uses. It seems to be 3 tickets for a Light Start, 4 for Standard, and 6 (lol) for Blaster Start:


In GITADORA news, the latest Monthly Ranking for May is now in effect:

The Golden Triple Festival also brought another revival – good cool’s “5-10” (on 5/10!!)


As March is finished, the Final SUKI Music Ranking for the month was announced:


Of note, this was the first ranking with Nostalgia songs, and the top 2 songs are both Nostalgia originals! Congrats to everyone!


The next BEnama is in two weeks – on 5/24! We’ll see you back then! But make sure you’re following us on both Twitter and Facebook for all the latest.

See you~