jubeat Clan Location Test / Pre-release Info


New Songs

  • Sulk / SYUNN  (4h/7h/9h) BPM:150
  • Jazz is Rad / ARM(IOSYS)+BRASS CAPSULE  (6/9/10) BPM:
  • Welcome!! / kors k  (3h/6h/9h) BPM:
  • みたらしプラトニック (feat. nicamoq) / YUNOMI  (3/7/9) BPM:160
  • 現世の彼方 / 猫大樹  (3/5/10) BPM:176
  • Claidheamh Soluis-光の剣- feat.はるの / 猫大樹  (3/6/9) BPM:160


(h = hold notes)

The location test is being held this weekend at two locations in both Tokyo and Osaka:

New Features


jubility returns as the Player Ranking system in Clan, and offer some benefits at each level:

Jubility will not decrease – it can only go up. In addition, each chart has its own value, and higher ranks can be reached by using HARD MODE:

Your city will grow based on your jubility:

The city where you will “live” for a certain amount of time combines a color with a real-life city, and your residency is decided randomly:

Another much-requested feature has been added, folders for Versions and Artists! No more searching for the song you want and running out of time:

One more interesting and useful feature – Category/Folder “Clear Lamps”! Details can be seen by holding down each icon:

Finally, the system voice/announcer was revealed to be tonight’s guest, Yuki Nakashima, a popular singer and voice actress:




After finishing her first song, she was given “Cyanttle” as her city to live in:

The interface is quite refined, and changes accent colors based on the location you’re currently in:

Here we can see a closeup of the “kors k” Clear Lamp:

Music selection is of course, unchanged: