Konami’s popular Sound Voltex series is finally coming to PCs, with the help of eAMUSEMENT Cloud, similar to last year’s beatmania IIDX INFINITAS release.

The game is currently in Open Alpha Testing, with no specified end date listed. On the official website, various details are listed, with one major important feature:


  • Will there be data syncing between eaCloud and Arcade versions?
    Yes. Your player data/name/status will sync, and furthermore, songs unlocked on either version will transfer to the other. Except for exclusive/not-added songs.
  • What controllers can be used?
    The best option is the official controller, but keyboard input is also acceptable. Other manufacturer’s controllers are unsupported.
    (*However, those manufacturers will most likely update the controllers’ firmwares to be 100% compatible. There are various workarounds.)
  • The game is slow, has timing issues, does not work, etc…
    The game is designed to be run on a dedicated arcade cabinet, with no other software installed, or at least nothing major running in the background. USB audio is not recommended, nor is HDMI output. Antivirus software should be configured to whitelist the application (sv3c.exe) USB hubs for controllers are not recommended.



From SDVX 1

  • good high school / baker
  • 恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!! あばばばみっくす / ARM(IOSYS)
  • Ha・lle・lu・jah / SOUND HOLIC feat. Nana Takahashi
  • PULSE LASER / ヒゲドライバー
  • 冥 Rockin’ SWING REMIX / 164

From SDVX 2

  • つぶやき魔法少女りむる / DJ SHARPNEL feat. みらい
  • Virtual Sunrise / kors k
  • Pure Evil / kors k

From SDVX 3

  • archive::zip / kamome sano
  • ΑΩ / BlackY
  • Inixia / xi
  • INDEPENDENT SKY / SOUND HOLIC feat. Nana Takahashi
  • XROSS THE XOUL / BlackY vs. Yooh
  • 月光乱舞 / P*Light
  • Destroy / Yooh
  • HAELE III ~Angel Worlds~ / Yu_Asahina ft. Ritsuka
  • Blastix Riotz / かめりあ as “Bang Riot”
  • Preserved Valkyria / ぺのれり
  • Renegade Fruits / t+pazolite

-PC Specs-

Windows 7
Windows 8.1 (8 might work)
Windows 10

At least 2.8GHz, Intel core i5 series 3.2GHz or better is recommended.

At least 2GB, 3GB or more is recommended.

3GB of free space (Will be more on final release)

512 MB or greater of memory on your graphics card (2015 or newer)
Onboard GFX not recommended

Stereo output.
USB Audio not recommended

1280×720 recommended (or 720×1280 vertical)
External HDMI output to TVs may be buggy.

Numpad & N-key rollover recommended.
You can also assign keys to various buttons in Config.

Internet Connection:
You must remain connected to the internet to login and play. Save data is stored on Konami’s eaCloud servers.


-How To Play-

  • Step 1:
    Sign Up for a Japanese-region KONAMI ID (eAmusement Account)
    If you have one, great. If not, read our guide here.
  • Step 2:
    Make sure you have an eAmusement Card linked to your account, or if not, get a Virtual Card here.
  • Step 3:
    Download and install the game here.
  • Step 4:
    Launch the game and configure Settings

Click “SETTINGS” to open up the following window:

Choose your display settings, then switch to the Key Config Tab:

NOTE: Analog Knobs have two setting for Counter-clockwise (Left) and Clockwise (Right)
The “Map Buttons” window lets you easily assign any keys:


For players using 3rd-party controllers (specifically, DJ Dao/Gamo2’s SVSE series), you may be able to use the controllers with SDVX3Cloud:

Tip from Drewol via Plasmapie:

GlovePIE script for SDVX III cloud
//change the variable to change the xy it locks
//exit by Shift+P+I+E

var.lock_x = 200
var.lock_y = 200
Keyboard.Q = (Mouse.CursorPosX < var.lock_x)
Keyboard.W = (Mouse.CursorPosX > var.lock_x)
Keyboard.O = (Mouse.CursorPosY < var.lock_y)
Keyboard.P = (Mouse.CursorPosY > var.lock_y)
Mouse.CursorPosX = var.lock_x
Mouse.CursorPosY = var.lock_y


  • Step 5: ENJOY THE GAME!!

Currently, all Alpha Test users get 1000 in-game “Tickets” to be used to play each round of 3 songs.
MAD CHILD played the game at “his home” and showed how it works live on BEnama #174.


Any questions? Let us know in the comments below, or via Facebook or Twitter!

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  1. wewlad56 19 May, 2017 at 11:42

    So 1000 tickets for testing.. I’m assuming once this open beta is over we’ll need to set up Paseli and use it to pay for tickets to play?

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