Project Rap Rabbit – An Epic Rapping Adventure


What happens when you combine the minds behind PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man with 16th Century Japan, a world of animals, and…epic rap battles? You get, of course, Project Rap Rabbit.

A video was briefly teased last week, showing a new IP that promised a collaboration between two great rhythm games. Finally, the Kickstarter has been revealed!

Project Rap Rabbit plans on being a PS4 and PC (Steam) release, although stretch goals for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are also listed as possibilities.

Some insane limited editions are available, along with more standard editions.

The creators of this game wanted to bring new life to the rhythm-action genre, something which various small studios are also hoping for in recent years. The developers, NanaOn-Sha and iNiS J, both have a lot of experience with creating fun and interesting gameplay, but Project Rap Rabbit’s definitely seems to be far more advanced. Most rhythm games are straightforward and your score is determined by timing beats, but there’s not much leeway in how you get those points. Either hit the note, or don’t. Project Rap Rabbit will change that, and gives players the freedom to do what they want. More on that below.

The game’s hero and protagonist, Toto-Maru, is joined by his sidekick Otama-Maru as they fight powerful enemies through the power of rap. The setting, an alternatively futuristic Sengoku period in Japan, is filled with hostility, suspicion, and fear. Naturally, Toto-Maru wants to fix this, and with his gift of harnessing power from rhythm, he just may be able to do so – with your help.

In this game, you have three phases of gameplay. First, you listen to your opponent’s rap phrases. In that part, you select which parts you want to counter-rap against. Then, choose your response from four categories – Coarce, Boast, Joke, or Laugh – finally, time your hits perfectly to bring out some sick rap attacks on your opponent.


Because of this system, the game has no “wrong” way to play. You can fight any way you’d like!

We’re insanely hype for this project and hope you are too.

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