Thumper Now Available on Nintendo Switch with Amazing (Terrifying) HD Rumble


Nintendo Switch early adopters might’ve been a bit upset with the launch lineup, but now that Thumper has successfully been released, just add another game to your library. Thumper came out last year for PS4 and PC, then later with VR support which is totally another experience on it’s own that we love. We got an early hands on with Thumper for the Nintendo Switch and as soon as we heard about the Rumble Violence feature, it certainly was meant to be. The HD rumble is actually pretty amazing on the first few levels and then it cranks way the fuck up. Slowly sliding against the wall with the thumb stick, then inching it closer either left or right towards it -intensifies the rumble a whole lot more. You seriously feel every small action with the joycons that HD Rumble Violence™ certainly lives up to it’s name.

The game runs perfect in 1080p at 60fps when docked with no hiccups or dips in frame rate. We took the game out of docked mode and into handheld mode for a ride in the car and within 20 minutes (aside from getting car sick and light glare) I had to put it down. Half way through the game, it gets really REALLY difficult for you haven’t already played (you should also check out our review). Being able to make split second decisions, regardless of memorization of levels, requires you to be able to see what’s ahead of you at all times, so it’s best to play this indoors or outside at night or something to avoid that screen glare.

You should probably play this game, is what I’m saying. Thumper was seriously one of bemanistyle’s favorite games of 2016 with amazing atmosphere and a soundtrack that I fell in love with, I bought it on multiple platforms.