Weekly BEnama News #175: DOLCE.’s Tournament & more


This week’s BEnama had guest “beatmania IIDX Pro Player DOLCE.” (that’s his title now) talk about his latest event,『beatmania IIDX ROUND1 Championship 2017 with DOLCE. 』

We already did our own report on the tournament details, so take a look at that here.


The next IIDX Event phase is also starting up tomorrow, 5/25, and looks to be the “Thunder” School:


In Nostalgia news, the Marasy Concert event will be ending soon, so players should get their tickets by 5/28, to enter into the drawings for MArasy’s signature (10 winners) or Marasy & DJ YOSHITAKA’s e-Amusement Pass (5 winners)

jubeat plus and REFLEC BEAT plus also both got a “Mayumi Morinaga Pack” today, including four songs:

The newest SPECIAL chart and Challenge Scratch were also added today:




















The next BEnama will be broadcast 6/7, due to next week being a Mahjong Fight Club Live. See you then!