VOEZ Celebrates it’s 1-year Anniversary with Events and an Update!


Rayark’s rhythm game “VOEZ” is celebrating its 1st anniversary today (go wish them a Happy Birthday), a title boasting over 10 million and counting downloads since its initial release, along with an impressive milestone of 38 billion in-game taps accumulated from players worldwide, says the developer. For the special occasion, the development team prepared a few exciting events such as “All Songs Unlocked”, “World Music New Songs Contest”, “All VOEZers Challenge”…and much more to come in appreciation for the massive support received during the past year.

Back in March 2017, VOEZ became the only rhythm game for Nintendo’s latest home console, the Nintendo Switch. Besides the successful platform crossover, the online digital release was also made available on the same day of console’s debut. Upcoming update 1.1 will not only feature 18 new songs including “UNICORE”, “ECLIPSE”, “NO NIGHT MORE SOUL”, “WONDERWING”, the Nintendo Switch edition will contain exclusive tune “The Legend Of Dark Witch Chronicle 2D ACT” theme song “Ao i kagerō”.


In celebration of VOEZ’s 1st anniversary, Rayark Games wishes to reveal some surprising statistics from the mobile game. The top 5 most popular songs are:

  • “Colorful Voice”
  • “Kokoro”
  • “Platinum”
  • “Carnation”
  • “Tougenkyou”

While combined playtime has reached 600 years in the world of VOEZ. Songs have been played 96,977,708 times, made possible by an astounding 38,228,589,402 taps from all players, and these glorious achievements continue to grow further as time passes on. VOEZ 1st Anniversary celebration events have begun! See below

All Songs Unlocked

Between 05/27 00:00 to 05/28 23:59 (GMT+8), for the first time, all songs will be unlocked for unlimited free play, giving players a chance to fully immerse in the world of VOEZ (Excluding specified song packs and the Nintendo Switch version).

All VOEZers Challenge

Between 05/26 14:00 to 06/01 23:59 (GMT +8), if all VOEZers reach the following goals of total play times, the duration for unlocking all songs will be extended. For example: Upon 100,000 play times, a day will be extended for unlimited play counting from 6/2 and onwards (Switch players not included).


World Music New Songs Contest

Between 05/26 14:00 to 06/04 23:59 (GMT +8), play specified songs during the event for a chance to receive rewards like the “VOEZ Concept Album”, “VOEZ Mug”, “Chuchu Keychain Set”…plus other goodies too good to miss! Rayark is calling all players to warm up your fingers and try your hand of luck now (Switch players not included).