Weekly BEnama News #176: GITADORA New Version: “Matixx” announced & more!


This week’s BEnama was just 37 minutes long, but we still got a huge announcement and various other bits of news.

First up, in GITADORA TriBoost, a new set of events has begun – “Be Proud! OtoBear in The TSUBO”

Similar to most other events, the aim is to get your OtoBear out of the large vase he’s hiding in, and earn songs as unlocks. Each of the three chapters runs for about 3 weeks:

SURPRISE! A new version of GITADORA was announced, “Matixx”

The designers have named it based on three motifs, “Maturity, Match, Mate”

The play screen has been renewed, and a new “Phrase Judgement” feature will be added. If have a Full Combo on the phrase before a “Special” Phrase – you’ll get some cool effects:

When playing each phrase of the song, you can earn more SKILL UP Points by getting a Full Combo on each phrase. Even if you miss one note, you can still earn Skill Points by continuing to Full Combo each phrase:

The Himawari*Punch Girls, Kyoka and Rio have also been given a “dramatic” redesign:

Of course, a location test was announced, but the details have yet to be revealed:

In Nostalgia, Marasy’s Concert Event is now finished! Players who’ve accumulated “Marasy Tickets” should enter the lottery for a signboard or autographed e-Amusement Pass before 6/11 here!

In beatmania IIDX news, a welcome and long-awaited feature has returned – Expert Mode Original Courses! This time, a very interesting “Tournament” modifier has been added which you can select, and choose different options for the course. In addition, you can view your ranking immediately after playing, in the results screen.

Of course, this feature requires the Basic Subscription:

IIDX INFINITAS also got 2 new monthly songs and 6 unlockables for June, now available in-game:

In Sound Voltex news, a recap of the SDVX 3 CLOUD Beta Test was given. For more info, check out our detailed guide here.

The Official controller is now also 90% funded. Any interested users are urged to get their pre-order while they still can:

A new month brings a new SUKI MUSIC Ranking, and users can now vote for May’s best songs, once a day here.


With that, May’s FINAL ranking was announced:

The top spot – MUSECA’s latest hardstyle track!

This marks the first time a BEMANI NEW FACE Contest song has placed 1st.

As revealed last week, two new Reports were uploaded to the Official BEMANI FanSite, the『Ater Regis Creation Report』and『DOLCE.’s God Play

Finally, a Women’s popn music Tournament on「いいすぽ!」(IISUPO!) e-Sports TV Program will air Saturday @ 6pm on CS FujiTV ONE. Anyone in Tokyo can also join the audience, at Fuji TV’s Odaiba Headquarters:

And, last but not least, while it wasn’t announced on BEnama, REFLEC BEAT Staff announced the return of 10 songs:

Next week’s KONAMI Arcade Channel will be the “Quiz Magic Academy Broadcasting Club” – and the next BEnama will air 6/21.

In addition… Tanaka-san announced that BEnama and the livestreams will not be weekly anymore, starting in July… Hopefully this is just temporary!

See you~!


・GITADORA 新バージョン制作決定!

「matixx」= Maturity・Match・Mateが由来。


・beatmania IIDX24 SINOBUZ



・pop’n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢
6/10(土)18:00~20:00 CSフジテレビONEにて生放送

1:Touch My Body / anubasu-anubasu (MUSECA)
2:Neutrino / HuΣeR (DDR)
3:Hunny Trap / Expander (IIDX)
4:Tortuna / MAX MAXIMIZER (Rb)
5:Beat Juggling Mix / Hommarju (IIDX)
6:LOVE IS BLIND -知らない街で Crazy for You- / VENUS (Rb)
7:モヘア / seiya-murai feat.藤野マナミ (pop’n)
8:GunGNiR / Gram (IIDX)
9:魂依 / Akhuta (pop’n)
11:Surf on the Light / Tomoyuki Uchida (ノスタルジア)
12:Deadman falling / 猫叉Master (Rb)
13:Spiral Crouds / TIME CAPSULE Lab. (pop’n)
14:Noah’s song of collapse / U1 undefined benavior (ノスタルジア)
15:お茶づけ☆パラダイス / A応P (jubeat

  • Sp3000

    Pretty stoked for SDVX III CLOUD beta, but unfortunately trying to purchase the official controller from outside Japan is proving tricky thanks to the credit card (or points) only limitation :/

    • That’s pretty much how it goes. Konami isn’t offering it outside Japan, so your best bet is to get someone in Japan to buy for you, or use an intermediary buyer service. Other than that, you could use another controller. You’d just have to jump through hoops.