SUPERBEAT: XONiC Console DLC is On The Way, Plus More Rhythm Games from PM-Studios


Last night during the PM-Studios live stream of SUPERBEAT: XONiC, Michael Yum (CEO) hit up the chat to interact with fans by answering questions and dropping some informative news to players. Our very own Associate Writer – Aaron Auzins was lurking the chat to see what could’ve been said.

There are currently 21 tracks being made as console DLC for right now. The plan going into the stream was they would be paid DLC, but Yum said more tracks could be possible and free DLC could be considered. The omission of the Arc System Works songs was noted, but Yum said working with the company is “still a possibility.

Yum said PM Studios will celebrate its 10-year anniversary in the chat (and in our interview), and 10 will be a big number. Last night, Yum stated that PM Studios has a schedule of 10 games to publish and release in the next year. No titles were named, but he estimated the company would be able to talk about the first title in “2-3 weeks.” One of Yum’s comments was, “Lots of rhythm games coming your way guys.” Another question was asked about a XONiC theme for PS4/Vita, and he (Yum) said it was being looked into. With the beautiful design and aura that surrounds the game and menus, it would be amazing to have an appropriate theme.

Yum noted that he expects the OST bundled with some of the retail copies will be hard to find soon and said PM- Studios will not be printing anymore once the initial stock runs out. Patches are possible for the game as well. The majority of the discussion in the chat was based on the PS4 version, which was played by leader board username DJ_Tomato on the stream. DJ_Tomato, who is with PM-Studios, said the console versions were actually ported by PM-Studios itself. A chat question asked about the inability to change speed modifications mid-song and DJ_Tomato said the PS4’s share button eliminated the “extra” select button on the controller. Some alternatives were discussed, though, and it was mentioned it was a feature that could be patched in.