Yumeminemu Solo & Online Groove Coaster 3EX Event Detailed


On 6/12 at 9am, the VOCALOID 4 Library Dream Nemu Solo & Online Event begins. Have your shot at unlocking a new track, some new avatars, titles, and even a new GOD title for the top 50 players and new navigator with voice (at 1,000EP).

6/12 at 9am – 6/19 at 5:59am – Solo play

6/19 at 8am – 6/25 at 11:59pm – Event play

Player ranking reward day being June 26 at 8am PST.

The event song list for this event period below can be seen below. The Groove Coaster team has also increased the trophy reward count, making high ranking possible.

Don’t forget to tune into the Groove Coaster live event on 6/16/17 with guest Furukawa Mitsuru from Dempagumi inc.!!!