Project Rap Rabbit Concept Gameplay Video Revealed


Project Rap Rabbit creators have released the first gameplay footage for backers, and while the video disclaimer says it’s a proof of concept, you’ll see many of the elements acting as placeholders for the full game, which absolutely seems promising.

The Kickstarter campaign might fall short of a successful fund, with ten days left to go and not even halfway through its $1,090,173 goal. A last minute push could do the trick, or maybe the gameplay video will get people to pledge. We’re hoping a publisher can pick this game up in the end.

The style and flow that fans of PaRappa, and Gitaroo Man will be familiar with will be hard to swallow, if that’s what you were expecting. In the video, we get to see the new mechanic talked about at the launch of the Kickstarter, which allows you to choose from a selection of scripted lines as well as which words to emphasize as your comeback.