Taiko no Tatsujin: Session de Dodon ga Don! announced for PS4



Taiko is officially making it’s way to the PS4 and we couldn’t be anymore excited!  The latest installment was announced earlier today, and will be released in Japan later this year.  Currently there are no plans to bring this version to other regions, so for those of us in the states, we’ll have to import as per usual.

A few new game modes are in the works, such as the ability to play against friends data, where you essentially verse the ghosts of your friends or family.  Another new mode is “guest session performance”, which will feature popular characters of the series, making appearances before, during and after the song.

Also revealed is that Hori is working on a new USB Taiko Drum controller, which can either be purchased in the planned bundle or seperately.

Here are just some of the songs that have been confirmed.


  • Zenzenzense
  • Road Movie (Crayon Shin-chan movie theme)
  • Ashita mo (NTT DoCoMo commercial song)
  • RPG
  • Ninjari Bang Bang
  • Memeshikute
  • Kiseki
  • Sakuranbo
  • Linda Linda
  • Natsu Matsuri
  • Tentai Kansoku
  • Kurenai
  • Yume wo Kanaete Doraemon
  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • Let it Go
  • Zenryoku Batankyu
  • A Cruel Angel’s Thesis
  • Youkoso Japari Park e
  • Ghost Rule
  • Roku-chou nen to Ichiya Monogatari
  • Pen Pineapple Apple Pen
  • Night of Nights
  • Carmen Prelude
  • Orpheus in the Underworld Prelude
  • Tales of Berseria Medley
  • Kagekiyo
  • Tsunagare! Hirogare! Uchiagare!


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