E3 2017: Just Dance 2018 Announced and Set to Launch October 24


Ubisoft announced the newest installment to their mega franchise Just Dance at E3 2017.  As per usual you can expect all the latest music from some of the top artists such as Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and many more. Just Dance will be releasing on every current and previous generation consoles.

Despite being on every platform, the Nintendo Switch will boast a few extra features.  For one, the switch can handle up to 6 players at once, each person holding a joy con.  Another feature announced by Ubisoft is the ability to make “double rumble choreography”, which apparently will take advantage of the Switch’s HD Rumble although details are currently limited.

Veterans of the franchise will be happy to see that Just Dance Unlimited has returned.  For those unfamiliar, Unlimited is a subscription based streaming service, which allows the user to play all songs, past and present, on the most recent version of the game.  There are also songs exclusive to unlimited.  For now I’ll stick to watching, rather than dancing.

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