Weekly BEnama News #177: GITADORA Matixx Report & super recap fun time!


This week in Japan has been quite rainy, and as such, I’m sure all the Konami staff wanted to get home early. The latest BEnama was just 35 minutes long, and almost nothing new was announced, but here’s what we got:

A quick movie was taken at the GITADORA Matixx Location Test this past weekend – here are a few shots. The cabinets received some spiffy new marquees:

A quick recap of the new songs:

The final song, LOUD!, is unlockable in the now-running High-Touch Matching/Versus Campaign.

After some comments were read from the Location Test notebook, this super cute sketch was also shown off:

Last week also saw 2 songs added to Nostalgia, one being a new original by HuΣeR, and one Classic song from Chopin:

Tanaka-san also mentioned that a new Twitter campaign of some sorts would be coming soon, and advised everyone to follow the game’s official account, @NOSTALGIA_573

Just announced today, the Valanga QUBE will retuning to jubeat Qubell for the next week. This might be the lat chance to get the song:

A new jbox Cassis Selection is also available for 2 weeks:

Finally, a new 4-day only matching event is being held this weekend with up to 3 songs unlockable. More details tomorrow, possibly:

The latest SUKI Music Ranking for May is in it’s 2nd week, and here are the results so far:


















Finally, a quick update on the SOUND VOLTEX Premium Controller – it’s now been 96% pre-sold. Once it reaches 100%, it will no longer be purchasable, so anyone interested should act NOW. Wanna play? Check out our guide here.

Finally, next week’s BEnama will be a “very special” edition, airing on the 28th. What could it be…? Let us know in the comments beloooowwww!

See you~