NEW Konami Rhythm/Dance Arcade Game “STEPSTAR” revealed, now testing


Surprise! Without ANY announcements, a new arcade game appeared Friday morning at Osaka’s ROUND 1 Sennichimae That’s the same place where most of the DanceEvolution crowd still plays, in that famously-visible-to-passers-by location.

What is STEPSTAR? It’s kind of like a cross between DanceEvolution, Just Dance, and…Chunithm?

In the game, you have 4 types of “notes” or steps. Step, Long, Jump, and Crouch/Squat/Down.

It seems that your actions and steps are judge by a combination of a built-in camera, and the step panel attached to the cabinet. Sliding across the panel with Left and Right steps also seems to be a gameplay mechanic. When playing with 2 players, 1P stands in front, and reacts to orange notes, while 2P is behind them, with blue notes.

While it’s music-based, it’s not a “hardcore BEMANI” title. In fact, the BEMANI logo isn’t on any fliers, and apparently not on the cabinet itself either.

The game might be geared to a more casual crowd (like, groups of students) with its simplistic gameplay, colorful camera effects, and smartphone-friendly vertical YouTube uploads.

Did we mention the YouTube uploads? Similar to maimai and the unreleased Otoiroha, the game records your gameplay, and you have the option to upload it to YouTube later, via the game’s website and a 4-digit PIN you set. Only 3 songs are uploadable at the moment. Check them out below:

Song List

女々しくて / ゴールデンボンバー *
ハッピーシンセサイザ / EasyPop *
MEGA SHAKE IT ! / キュウソネコカミ
SKY’s the limit / ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ
オンリーワンダー / フレデリック
Revolution / BRADIO *
LADY / ちゃんみな
Summer Venus / KEYTALK
Without You / 夜の本気ダンス
君と野獣 / バンドハラスメント

*YouTube up OK

After gameplay and choosing to upload a video, a unique QR code and link are displayed, taking you to the game’s temporary official homepage – snazzy design and all:

So, while there’s not much to go on, what do you think? Should it have Konami Original songs? Would you play it either way? How would YOU make this game better?