BEnama News Special #1: Nostalgia FORTE, jubeat clan, SDVX FACTORY, IIDX and more!


It’s been quite a while since the last BEnama live broadcast, but here we are, back again with a ton of new info! Tonight’s first two guests, Yuki Nakashima and DOLCE., joined a new MC, Fukushima-san:







Up first was the lucky number drawing for the beatmania IIDX “BUZZ 5” Lottery!

The winning numbers are below! To claim your prize, check the official webpage here.

We won 77000BUZZ! How about you?

A new Ninnin Shichikenden School will also be added to SINOBUZ on 7/20! We’ll be there to unlock all the new songs ASAP.


Up next, finally, the announcement of Nostalgia FORTE, releasing tomorrow!

New features include Local Matching with a linked “Ensemble Combo”…

…plus, the addition of Pianist Ranks in the new “Grade System”…

A new “NEAR” (Almost/Good) judgement has been added, as well as the option to AUTOPLAY either Left or Right-hand notes:

The next event was a special Exhibition Match between tonight’s 2 main guests, but…

Yuki called her friend and fellow member of idol unit “Earth Star Dream” in — Maria Tanijiri:

Together, they faced off against DOLCE., each one playing a different part on 2 cabinets:

DOLCE. also had a VERY slight handicap with this makeshift HIDDEN+ board…

But still managed to nearly Full Combo the song, and rank up to Pianist Grade 20:

FORTE’s Local Matching shows if people are playing a song on the Select Music screen:

…and also has a waiting lobby which shows before starting a song:

The linked combo is displayed in the center in gold, with your own combo smaller, in white:

Unfortunately for the girls, they couldn’t beat DOLCE’s meaty score:

FORTE will also add many new songs, at least 6 of which are coming tomorrow as defaults, with a potential 5 hidden songs, and 3 new Konami Originals on 7/27 and a license on 8/3:

Some of these songs might also cross over to other BEMANI games, with more details coming soon:

Finally, jubeat plus will also get a “Nostalgia Pack” with 4 popular songs tomorrow, 7/19 around 4pm JST:


Next up was the SOUND VOLTEX segment, with guests BlackY, Yooh (by phone), and MAD CHILD!


A brand new SUPER RARE Goods Campaign is starting soon, “VOLTE FACTORY”

Prizes include Mini Soundtrack CDs…

Double-sided A4-size File Folders….

And, IC card stickers (lottery/random)

VoltePieces (VP) are used to exchange for these items. You can earn 10VP per play, with a +1 bonus for PASELI use, +1 for Online Matching, and +2 for Friend/Local matching. Roughly, 70+ plays for a CD, or 13+ for a file:


Of course, they had to do it again this year….MAD CHILD CAN’T GO HOME 2017! (Until he PUCs a 13)

This time, a few extra contestants were added into the mix…

To join the event, you can tweet your date/time and song choice with #勝手に帰れない2017夏 to participate! Maybe you’ll be able to match against one of the contestants. In addition, if the artists PUC a song, they’ll have a new song added into the game. DOLCE asked to be able to Effect a song, so that seems to be his reward!

The official EDP Twitter account will also be live-tweeting BlackY and Yooh’s tries, with a chance to win some cool signed CDs from their new major albums:

Speaking of those – an “EDP presents ΩMEGA ROAD” Release Party was announced for 8/20 in Tokyo, at Shibuya’s CircusTokyo:

An EDP Creators Book will also be released on 8/18, with 128 pages(!) of interviews, pictures, and more! Preorders are on Amazon:


After the SDVX crew left, it was finally time for some jubeat clan info:

Of course, there are 4 different cities where you can live in, but some new info was shown tonight:

Greenesia has a pentagon-shaped city boundary with 5 areas. Your address is randomly selected from an area, and street:

At some point in the game, you’ll be able to call the Meaty Movers to help you move to another city:

As teased last time, you’ll be able to unlock different songs in each city though Online Matching:

The artist category folders will also indicate your clear status:

Composer OSTER project also joined the stream, to preview her new song in clan,「Candy☆Pop Showcase」

Yuki Nakashima’s new song with Akhuta has also had its jacket design revealed:

6 more default licenses were also detailed:

One final, interesting thing – there will be 4 City Keychains available for purchase at some point in the future, to show off your residency. More details coming soon:


Some NEW GAME!! (Season 2) songs are also being added into both jubeat clan (on release) and REFLEC BEAT (tomorrow, 7/20)

The GITADORA Matixx 2nd Location Test was held last weekend with a few new features and a new song. Some pictures were also shown:

In pop’n music news, 4 BEMANI crossovers will be added to the game in a new OOPARTS NaviTravel Map on 7/20:

REFLEC BEAT will also have a new WHITE HARD Quest for ZETA, which will also have a new song included, “The Treasure of Reflesia”

From Konamistyle, the EDP×beatnation summit 2017 -beatnation 10th Anniversary- Blu-Ray Release was finally confirmed! The site mentions a 2nd DVD disc that includes various backstage/rehearsal shots and more. A commentary audio track will also be available:

The SOUND VOLTEX CONSOLE -NEMSYS- Ultimate Model’s Production amount was also finally reached! It’s still available for pre-order until 7/23 @ 11:59pm!


And that’s it!! Unfortunately, no date was given for the next BEnama, but when it happens, we’ll have a summary available here, so check back often!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter too, for the latest news as it happens live.

See you!

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    I really wish they’d give BEMANI games this kind of attention in love outside of Japan as well 🙁

    • Yeah, it’d be great if the rest of the world could eventually enjoy the entire line-up…