Pump It Up 2017 PRIME 2 1.06.0 Update is Now Live!


Update 1.06.0 is now live allowing players to check out the new songs and step charts along with some change notes and camera functions added to the LX cabinets.

New Songs

Artist : BIGBANG
BPM : 130
Default step chart : S02, S04, S07, S13, D03, D14
S??, D??, DP?? (Card only step)

Shub Niggurath
Artist : Nato
BPM : 220
Default step chart : S11, S15, S19, D17
S21, S24, D23, D26 (Unlocked step)

Magical Vacation
Artist : SID-SOUND
BPM : 154
Default step chart : S06, S11, S16, D07, D13
S??, D?? (Card only step)

[FULL SONG] Acquaintance
Artist : Outsider
BPM : 130
Default step chart : S20, D22

New Step Charts

Pumping Up
Artist : BanYa
BPM : 135
step chart : D?? (Unlocked step)

Artist : PRODUCE 101
BPM : 128
step chart : D20 (Card only step)

Kasou Shinja
Artist : MAX
BPM : 170
step chart : CO-OP02 (Card only step)

3. Big update for Double performance step
There is big scale of update for Double performance step of PRIME 2 new songs.
We deeply appreciate for the people provided the steps for it.

1) Acquaintance DP04
2) Arcana Force DP02
3) Asterios – ReEntry – DP03
6) Bring Back The Beat DP05
7) Christmas Memories DP04
8) Clue DP04
9) Death Moon DP03
10) Further DP03
11) God Mode feat. skizzo DP04
12) Hellfire DP04
13) Jackpot DP03
14) Just Kiddin DP05
15) Le Grand Bleu DP06
16) Moonlight Dance DP04
19) Sarabande DP04
20) Up & Down DP05
21) You’re The Best DP02

4. Webcam function added for LX cabinet
Webcam function dedicated to LX cabinet is added.
1) Webcam function is only for LX cabinet.
2) There will be webcam shooting stage after the result screen of the first stage in every
credit. You may agree or disagree with taking a picture by controlling step or button.
3) After the approval, webcam will take a picture of you.
4) The picture will be uploaded to PIU website. (preparing)
If you are in login status, picture will be uploaded to ‘My Gallery’.
If you are not in login status, it will be uploaded to ‘Guest Gallery’.
Website uploading function is on developing and will be updated later.

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