How To: Sharing Screenshots and using the Official eAMUSEMENT App


Ever seen your friends posting some neat BEMANI scores and wonder how they were doing it? Now you can too! This guide will help you share your scores to social media via the eAMUSEMENT app.

When you’ve signed into the app, an option will appear in most current BEMANI games other than MUSECA and Nostalgia. This option may be pressing a numpad key (IIDX/SDVX: “0”, DDR/popn: “1”) or tapping a Play Share “プレーシェア投稿” button on the REFLEC BEAT results screen. Doing this will save a screenshot to your account (in the App) for 24 hours only.

For jubeat (smartphone only, coming soon) and GITADORA, you will need to visit the game’s website, browse your play history, and choose which score you’d like to upload. jubeat stores 10 past scores, or 30 if you subscribe to the Basic Course, while GITADORA’s website seems to store an unlimited amount of song history!

But before all this, the first thing you’ll need to do is register your eAMUSEMENT Pass and linkit to a Japanese KONAMI ID. We help walk you through that here! If you’re not in Japan, creating a Japanese Google account or iTunes account is also needed to download the app itself. The latest version is only available on iOS 9 or higher and Android 4.2 or higher.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to save your screenshots to your device other than taking a screenshot of the screenshot, in the app, manually. Let’s dive right in:


  • After signing into the eAMUSEMENT app, you’ll be greeted with the homepage
  • Tap the pink (Compose) button in the bottom-right to start writing a post

  • Tap the (Camera) button up top to choose an image from various sources

  • Next, touch the “プレシェア” (Play Share) icon to choose your in-game screenshot
    Note: This option will be grayed out not allowing access if you do not have your KONAMI ID linked with the eAMUSEMENT app.
  • The other 3 options are “アルバム” (Phone’s Gallery) “写真撮影” (Camera) and “フォトフレーム” (Photo Frames)

  • Your saved images will be listed in order with the most recent on the left. Posted ones will be grayed-out. Tap on the image you want to share.

  • After choosing the image, tap the pink “決定” (Decide) button at the bottom to confirm. For now, you can only post one screenshot at a time.


  • At the top of each post, you’ll see various icons. In order, they are:
    Screenshot, Game (auto-selected, but changeable), Poll, Play Location, Twitter, and Facebook
  • The social media options require you to authenticate using those accounts. On some devices, or if you’re not using the official apps for each, you might have trouble with this. Try to re-authenticate and make sure the icons are both blue. (White means not sharing)

  • Polls only show up in the eAMUSEMENT App, but they’re still fun to use! (The last option is to make votes anonymous)

  • You can also choose the arcade where you got the score, from your recent locations.
  • Type your status, throw in some hashtags, make sure your options are set, then tap the pink “投稿” (Post) button to finally post! You’ll be taken to the game’s feed.

Screenshot examples from each of the supported games can be found below!