Taiko No Tatsujin PS4 First Donda Pack DLC Packs Revealed


Earlier today, Bandai Namco updated the Taiko No Tatsujin PS4 official page with new details regarding the Donda DLC packs releasing in Japan.

Donda Pack Volume 1 to 6 (Releasing: October 26)

This pack grants you the six Donda Packs which is equal to 3,000 yen, for 2,500 yen. Buying the set will net you access to the Namco Original song “Infinite Rebellion.” Japanese PSN users can preorder the pack here.

Donda Pack Volume 1 (Releasing: 10/26)

  • “Kaichuu Teien wo Motsu Shoujo” by Harunaba feat. Chihiro Ishiguro (Taiko Drum Master First Appearance!)
  • “Gunslinger Cinderella”
  • “Dokidoki Munekyun Omatsuri Time”
  • “Pastel Dream”
  • “Yuugen no Ran” by Zeami Motokiyo

Donda Pack Vol. 2 (11/30)

  • “Kona Mono” by Takurou Gou (Taiko Drum Master First Appearance!)
  • “X-Dan” by Chiharu Kaneko
  • “Undead Heart (Ikari no Warriors)” by Eizo Sakamoto x Yusuke Takahama
  • “Shiritsu Takamagahara Gakuen Koukou Kouka” by D. Watt (Iosys) feat. NpInutahiko and Momiji Yamamoto
  • “Yami no Mahou Shoujo” by Silver Forest feat. Aki

Both packs will be available on the PlayStation Network for 500 yen a pack.

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