At yesterday’s “DJ MAX RESPECT U” Fan Event and Livestream in Korea, the first of many DLC packs for RESPECT was announced: the “TRILOGY DLC PACK”

20 songs from the popular DJMAX Trilogy, plus new Gear and UI Skins, as well as a brand new original song will be included for the low, low price of 14,800KRW, or about $14:

Afterwards, the next DLC, “METRO Project” (TECHNIKA, Black Square, Clazziquai Edition) will be released sometime in Winter:

The event also featured live performances by various DJMAX vocalists, as well as a tournament between players, as well as a “Dakimakura Challenge” where contestants could face off against staff to win some amazing prizes:



There are a LOT of great songs coming in this pack, and surely more later. RESPECT is already turning out to be quite the excellent release!

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