Dali-esque Music Adventure, Beat The Game, Out Now On Steam


Independent studio, Worm Animation, are proud to announce that their debut title, point and click music adventure,Beat The Game, is out now on PC, Mac and Linux. The Xbox One release is scheduled for later in 2017. To accompany the announcement, the studio are proud to release the launch trailer for the game. Beat The Game combines beautiful, handcrafted characters and environments with classic 3D point and click adventuring, also adding an intuitive music making mechanic. Inspired as much by twentieth century surrealists, Dali and Ernst, as modern European techno, Beat The Game is a charming adventure game with a heart made of music.

From discarded drum sticks to the clang of a stone on metal, Beat The Game’senvironments are littered with an array of sounds and colourful characters. As you explore a hazy, surreal world, discovering interesting sounds, you gradually build up a library of samples. Crack open your sequencer and the audio of the game comes to life, allowing you to use your samples in any combination you like from mellow, dusty rollers to upbeat, acid house.

Beat The Game isn’t a race. You’re not competing with anyone. Nobody’s chasing you. There’s no one to kill. Take your time. Explore the environment. Mix your sounds, try different combinations and enjoy your own soundtrack.