NOISZ Now Available on Steam Early Access with 8 Playable Tracks


NOISZ, the new rhythm-based Shooter (SHMUP) is now available for Steam Early Access. This gives customers who have already purchased the game before it’s initial release an insight on what to expect, and NOISZ certainly crams a good amount in this Early Access build.

The core gameplay is comprised of two elements: avoiding enemy fire, and attacking the enemy. However, both of those require following along with the beat of the music. The enemy’s various attacks are also “charted” to the song, which means you’ll have to look out for surprises in songs you are unfamiliar with!

During a song, you’ll have two actions you can perform – attacking, and bringing up your shield. However, you can only choose ONE action per beat. Higher BPM? More chances to perform the actions. Slower BPM? Be careful and choose wisely.

Here’s the initial songlist:

Mitomoro / N
– Tutorial

Dextre / Song of the Wolf
– E1 / N3 / H5

Astra / Need It
– E2 / N3 / H5

Televisor ft. Danyka Nadeau / Odyssey (Highway Superstar Remix)
– E1 / N3 / H5

Allorium / Robot Rhinos
– E2 / N6 / H8

/DJS\ / Destroy
– E3 / N6 / H8

M-Project / Hardcore Maniac
– E3 / N5 / H8.5

fractilx vs アイスベア / NIGHTWING STIMUL8R ’17
– E4 / N6 / H9

MonstDeath / Blood
– E4 / N7 / H9

As the Steam page says, final version of the game will launch Q1 of 2018, so Early Access will run for about half a year. The game is fully playable in Arcade Mode (keyboard or controller) and Dance Pad Mode as well! Want to contribute? Early Access players will help shape and form the final game where discussion can be laid down in a private Discord channel with other players and the development team.

As the Senior Editorial Producer, Paul has been writing about music games for just over a decade and has no plan on stopping. He started playing rhythm games with DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMix in the Winter of 1999 and he still continues to keep beatmania close to the chest.