Gal Metal Releases on Nintendo Switch in February 2018 from DMM Games [TGS 2017]


Yesterday for day 1 of business day at Tokyo Game Show 2017, the DMM GAMES booth showed off their new work properly titled “Gal Metal!” A stage event was held where DMM GAMES showed off their first rhythm game on Nintendo Switch and it has since received a good amount of praise.

The game features the band name is K.M.G (Kichijoji Metal Girls), and gameplay consists of a rhythmic drum performance and an adventure section where a story develops. In the rhythm section, players can play the drums by shaking the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-con according to the music. The right Joy-Con is set to a bass drum, the left is a snare drum, and when you shake it simultaneously, the cymbal sounds.

Various rhythm patterns are prepared, and scores are added by playing them in combination. No score is displayed on the screen, and the player plays their favorite rhythm pattern according to music with their own ear. In other words, you can combine your favorite rhythm at any time and play it.

However, in order to achieve a high score, it is necessary to generate not only the accuracy of the rhythm but also the combo by a combination of rhythms, and finding a combination of rhythm patterns that are good at yourself and rhythm patterns that can aim for high scores.

The game releases in February 2018 for Nintendo Switch and will be coming both physically and digitally.

Check the trailer below!


Check the official page here!

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