Harmonix Wants Your Best Rock Band Story for Their 10-Year Celebration Diary of Rock Band


As a franchise that has seen over 10 million players over the years, who have collectively earned more stars than there are in the milky way, Harmonix knows there are some great tales to be told, and as part of the 10-year celebration of Rock Band.

Whether you’ve been with Rock Band since the beginning or joined us with Rock Band 4, we know everyone has a Rock Band story worth sharing. Some are heartfelt, some are hilarious.

Met your now-significant other at a Rock Band party, and now you’re happily married with two kids and a dog that chewed up your guitar headstock? They want to hear about it. How about Rock Band teaching you the basics of drumming, which encouraged you to buy a full kit, which in turn led you to be the kickass drummer for a real band? They want to hear about that, too. What about that time you broke a lamp in the hotel that you brought Rock Band because you didn’t want to be without it over PAX weekend, and you told the front desk it was broken when you checked in? Yeah, that’s up our alley too.

It doesn’t matter if your story happened ten years ago or last week. Whether your instruments have been in the closet for a while or you still rock out every week: if it was important to you and it involved Rock Band, we want to hear about it. Send Harmonix videos, pictures, audio recordings, or huge walls of text about what Rock Band means to you, and they’ll feature some of our favorites over the coming months.

Email Harmonix below with your Rock Band story! They’ll be picking a few from each category to create some highlights that they’ll be sharing with the whole community as Harmonix fills out their diary over the next few months


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