1. Thanks for this, but I didn’t see where I could set my location? There was a setting to change the location of the phone number, is that it, or could you clarify exactly where you did that if not there?

  2. Dear Paul
    I followed the steps and installed an app from google play JP some time ago. thanks a lot.
    However, when this time I wanted to install another app, I opened play store (English), switched to the Japanese account (still showed Enghlish), closed it, linked to VPN, opened google play again, and found the google play shop of the Japanese account is still in English and I cannot access JP play store. I cannot find any way to make it Japanese again.
    Did I miss anything? Is there any way to fix it? I really don’t want to create a new account every time. If you know the trick, would you mind to share? thanks a lot.

  3. at first it kinda worked i could install apps. but then eventhough im connected to a vpn it still shows me the wrong play store. i deleted playstore files and such but still same results. not sure what went wrong

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