Just announced 2 days ago, beatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS is the latest entry in one of Konami’s most popular music simulation game, and of course, we’re here at the location test in Japan to bring you all the latest news as it happens. We’re also giving live updates on Twitter, so be sure to follow us there if you aren’t already!

As with almost every other BEMANI location test, random-numbered tickets are given out to determine the day’s play order. Last year, we had #82, and this year…

51, not too bad. As there’s only one cabinet to play on, it took almost 7 hours for our turn…but, we made it!

The game’s theme obviously has plenty of racing-inspired elements, as evidenced by the official poster, drawn by none other than GOLI:

As usual, a signboard displayed the major new features and changes:


  1. New Shop (Arcade) Ranking: Stars added, similar to weekly ranking stars. Pacemaker can be set to display shop ranking tiers/borderlines
  2. Daily Bonuses:
    Sun: DJ VIP PASS BLACK Present
    Mon: PREMIUM FREE Mode Bonus +1 minute
    Tue: TIME HAZARD Mode
    Wed: TIME FREE & TIME FREE PLUS Modes available
    Thu: No STEP UP LVL Folder Restrictions
    Fri: VDISC Bonus
    Sat: TIME HELL Mode available
  3. DJ RANK Renewal: (replacing NINJA RANK, better details/organization shown/Series Ranks added)
  4. More Customizations: Turn off your groove gauge’s colors (it won’t fill) & Lane brightness/darkness can be adjusted

Interestingly enough, this time around, despite the “No Photos” icon on the cabinet, taking pictures was actually not forbidden (Really. Confirmed with Staff, don’t get on us abut this.) So let’s check out the cabinet!


As usual, STANDARD and FREE (FREE+ for 2 players) were available, with a standard credit costing double the normal rate:


To be honest, I was skeptical about the theme at first, but it turned out MUCH better than expected. The racing theme isn’t in-your-face at all. Instead we got a nice blend of copula, DJ TROOPERS, and DistorteD, with lots of neat mechanical parts and car-related items mixed in:


When playing with 2 players, the Speedometer shows 2 gauges, each displaying the currently-selected song’s level. The needle is actually based on scroll speed, just one more little touch that makes the theme that much cooler:

Here are some more Song Select pics:

The BG Movie is actually the “default” movie, used in various songs.

1st Stage: Morning → 2nd Stage: Midday → Final Stage: Sunset


On the Results Screen (grades) as well and the Song Select, an Announcer is present. It might be Mori-Icchou, the famous voice of KAC.

Oh, what’s this?

When playing in FREE (PLUS) mode, a Numpad [4] option will appear (toggles on/off) to let you retry a song easily, without having to remember to hold VEFX/Effect. This is particularly useful if you want to replay a song multiple/many times. Just don’t forget to turn it off when you’re done!

After you finish playing, the new DJ RANK DATA Screen is shown with detailed and separate ranks for New/Old songs:

Finally, one more lovely change for players in the USA, 英国 has now been changed to アメリカ in Katakana. Some may prefer the old notation (it’s rare and somewhat cool) but I think AMERICA is a better identifier:

After playing, most players will write down their thoughts in the the “Location Test Note” feedback book, which also has the same great artwork as the poster, accompanied by a real-life PENDUAL set:




  • [RENAISSANCE] AA -rebuild- / D.J.Amuro  (BPM 174) SP 7/10/- DP /10/ *
  • [DUBSTEP] Abraxas / SYUNN  (BPM 165) SP 5/9/11 DP 5/9/11
  • [SYNTH-TECH] ACCELERATE / Sota Fujimori  (BPM 153) SP 6/8/10 DP //
  • [熱帯THE BASS] Amor De Verão / かめりあ feat. ななひら  (BPM 138) SP 5/8/11 DP 5/8/11
  • [WAGON WHEEL TRANCE] Back Spin Sweeper / DJ TOTTO  (BPM 155) SP 6/9/11 DP 6/9/11 {All HCN}
  • [SCHRANZ] Battleground / kors k  (BPM 165) SP 6/9/11 DP /9/11
  • [CYBER LIQUID FUNK] Best Of Me / Maozon  (BPM 177) SP 4/8/10 DP /8/
  • [DRUMSTEP/HARDCORE] Break Stasis / Hommarju & Akira Complex  (BPM 184) SP 6/8/10 DP /8/
  • [CYBERNETICS PIANO HOUSE] ChaserXX / HuΣeR  (BPM 140) SP 6/9/11 DP 6/9/11
  • [FUTURE BASS] Chemical Cookie / YUC’e  (BPM 180) SP 5/8/10 DP //
  • [COSMIC POP] COSMIC☆WONDER☆REVOLUTION / 猫叉Master+  (BPM 152) SP 4/7/9 DP //9
  • [HARD BASS HOUSE] Exhaust Hype / DJ Noriken  (BPM 147) SP 5/9/11 DP /9/
  • [HANDZ STYLE] HAT TRICK / P*Light  (BPM 150) SP 5/8/10 DP //
  • [POP CORE] LUV DRIVE / RoughSketch feat. Aikapin  (BPM 188) SP 5/7/10 DP 5/7/11
  • [ALTERNATIVE FUGUE] Mira / Akhuta  (BPM 184) SP 5/9/11 DP //11
  • [ULTRA JAZZFUNKTION] Nothing But Theory / lapix  (BPM 160) SP 5/8/11 DP 6/9/11
  • [PSYSTYLE] Temple of Anubis / Massive New Krew  (BPM 155) SP 5/8/11 DP // {All CN}
  • [EUROBEAT] THE CANNONBALLER / L.E.D. feat YuRiCa/花たん  (BPM 170) SP 6/10/11 DP //11
  • [ROTTERDAM RAVE] VOX RUSH / 青龍 × sampling masters MEGA & sampling masters AYA  (BPM 202) SP 7/10/- DP // *
  • [HYBRID HARDCORE] Xperanza / aran  (BPM 200) SP 7/10/- DP /10/11 *
  • [HARD FRENCH] エディブルフラワーの独白 / OSTER project feat. 常盤ゆう (BPM 180) SP 4/8/10 DP /8/
  • [YANKEE CAR J TRANCE] ハイ*ビスカス ft. Kanae Asaba / Xceon  (BPM 157) SP 4/7/10 DP 5/8/11
  • [JOURNEY SCENE] 草原の王女 -奇跡を辿って- / 劇団レコード  (BPM 142) SP 3/7/10 DP //

(* songs have colored backgrounds, and are most likely unlocks)


(This list was compiled by myself and a group of awesome players, who helped to quickly identify the removed songs. It’s 100% accurate.)

  • SINOBUZ (0*)
    (Wind/Shadow schools 風巻/影月流 & Surf on the Light not present)
  • PENDUAL (5)
    -Hollywood Galaxy (DJ NAGAI Remix)
    -Light My Fire
    -Sometimes feat. Kanae Asaba
  • SPADA (2)
    -Smug Face -どうだ、オレの生き様は- (ONLY ONE EDITION)
  • tricoro (2)
    -Echo of Forever
    -Spinning Around
  • Resort Anthem (2)
    -Survival Games
    -Programmed Sun (xac Antarctic Ocean mix)
  • SIRIUS (1)
    -Brazilian Fire
  • DistorteD (1)
    -Crazy K.I.N.O.
  • RED (1)
  • 10th (1)
    -Ready to Rockit Blues
  • 9th (2)
  • 8th (1)
    -Hormiga obrera
  • 7th (1)
    -Marmalade Reverie
  • 5th (1)
    -Kiss me all night long

(Others, no removals / その他は削除曲なし)

Version: LDJ J:B:A: 2017080400


So, what do you think?