Could MUSECA Be Facing a Game and Cabinet Phase Out?


Early this morning, photos from a completely unannounced location test of Konami’s new “Bishi Bashi Channel” at Kyoto’s 3rd Planet BiVi arcade in Japan showed a strange new discovery…

This cabinet seems to have been transformed from an original MUSECA cabinet. Now, we’re not entirely sure if MUSECA will be undergoing the same treatment that BeatStream got when Nostalgia took over, or Konami is just using the same parts to save money on production of the new machines, but this is still a fairly crazy development.

MUSECA has already had various rumors floating around due to it not being included in next year’s Konami Arcade Championships (KAC) tournament lineup. There seemingly hasn’t been a ton of support of MUSECA in Japan from the get-go when it launched in Japan back in 2015 then undergo a complete transformation to MUSECA 1+1/2 in July 2016. 2017 has been almost completely inactive in terms of updates.

We’ll keep you updated on any news that rolls in.